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$Dirs =
"E:\Pictures\Steam Screenshots",
"E:\Videos\Recordings\GeForce Experience\Autodesk Flow Design",
"E:\Videos\Recordings\GeForce Experience\Autodesk Flow Design\FFBatch",
"E:\Videos\Recordings\GeForce Experience\Genshin Impact",
"E:\Videos\Recordings\GeForce Experience\Genshin Impact\FFBatch",
"E:\Pictures\Genshin Impact Screenshots"
$TargetSubDir = "old"
$Age = 14 # days
ForEach ($Dir in $Dirs) {
Write-Output "Directory: $Dir"
Write-Output "Target directory: $($Dir)\$TargetSubDir"
$TargetSubDirIsCont = Test-Path -Path "$($Dir)\$TargetSubDir" -PathType Container
If (!$TargetSubDirIsCont) {
If (Test-Path -Path "$($Dir)\$TargetSubDir" -PathType Leaf) {
Write-Output "Target directory is somehow a generic file, deleting..."
Remove-Item "$($Dir)\$TargetSubDir"
Write-Output "Creating target directory..."
New-Item -Path "$($Dir)\$TargetSubDir" -ItemType Directory
$Files = Get-ChildItem -Attributes !Directory+!System "$Dir"
$FilesCount = ($Files | Measure-Object).Count
Write-Output "Found $FilesCount generic file(s) in directory."
If ($FilesCount -eq 0) {
Write-Output ""
$Count = 0
ForEach ($File in $Files) {
If ($File.LastWriteTime -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-$Age).Date) {
Write-Output "$($File.Name) is $Age day(s) old, moving..."
Move-Item -Path $File.FullName -Destination "$($Dir)\$TargetSubDir"
If ($Count) {
Write-Output "Successfully moved $Count file(s) to target directory.`n"
} Else {
Write-Output "No files older than $Age day(s).`n"
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BobbyWibowo commented Aug 20, 2022

PowerShell script, designed to be periodically ran by Task Scheduler, to move older files on multiple directories into their respective sub-directories

Windows Explorer has rather awful performance when listing directories with hundreds of files, especially on HDD, if on custom "Sort by" setting (on my case specifically, Date / Descending)

So we just move much older files into a sub-directory to ensure Windows Explorer will mainly be sorting through tens of files or so (screenshots directories tend to get filled quickly)

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