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curl \
-H "token: YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" \
-H "albumid: YOUR_ALBUM_ID_HERE" \
-H "filelength: NUMBER_FROM_5_TO_32" \
-H "age: HOURS" \
-H "striptags: 1_IF_YES" \
-F "files[]=@PATH_TO_FILE" \

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@BobbyWibowo BobbyWibowo commented Feb 19, 2021


  • All headers are optional.
  • filelength header is the length of the random identifier assigned to the uploaded files.
    For example: 5 chars:, 10 chars:
  • age header will only accept exact valid values in homepage, but in hours.
    For example, if the homepage only allows 1, 3, and 7 days, their values are 24, 72, and 168 respectively.
    Other example of shorter ages, such as 15 and 30 minutes, their values are 0.25 and 0.5 respectively.
    If off, or entirely invalid altogether, the files will still be uploaded and assigned the default age (in, it's permanent).
  • API responses are in JSON format.


curl \
  -H "token: MY_TOKEN" \
  -H "albumid: 420" \
  -H "filelength: 16" \
  -H "striptags: 1" \
  -F "files[]=@MY_PHOTO.jpg" \
curl \
  -H "age: 72" \
  -F "files[]=@tmp.txt" \
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