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Bogdanp/1brc.rkt Secret

Last active January 24, 2024 15:47
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#lang racket/base
(#%declare #:unsafe)
(require (for-syntax racket/base)
(only-in racket/flonum ->fl)
(lambda (name)
(regexp-replace #rx"^unsafe-" name ""))
(define (fnv32a bs start end)
(for/fold ([h 2166136261])
([b (in-bytes bs start end)])
(fx*/wraparound (fxxor h b) 16777619)))
(struct state (n lo hi sum)
(define (empty-state)
(state 0 +inf.0 -inf.0 0.0))
(define (update-state! s degrees)
(match-define (state n lo hi sum) s)
(when (fl< degrees lo) (set-state-lo! s degrees))
(when (fl> degrees hi) (set-state-hi! s degrees))
(set-state-n! s (fx+ n 1))
(set-state-sum! s (fl+ sum degrees)))
(define (update-state!* s other-n other-lo other-hi other-sum)
(match-define (state n lo hi sum) s)
(when (fl< other-lo lo) (set-state-lo! s other-lo))
(when (fl> other-hi hi) (set-state-hi! s other-hi))
(set-state-n! s (fx+ n other-n))
(set-state-sum! s (fl+ sum other-sum)))
(define (process-shard filename shards shard)
(define N 1000) ;; stations
(define keys (make-vector N #f))
(define states (make-vector N #f))
(define (get-idx bs start end)
(define len (fx- end start))
(let loop ([idx (fxmodulo (fnv32a bs start end) N)])
(define k
(vector-ref keys idx))
[(not k)
(begin0 idx
(vector-set! keys idx (subbytes bs start end))
(vector-set! states idx (empty-state)))]
[(and (fx= len (unsafe-bytes-length k))
(bytes-equal? k bs start))
(loop (fxmodulo (fx+ idx 1) N))])))
(define bs (make-bytes (fx* 10 1024 1024))) ;; must be large enough to fit the longest line
(define in (open-input-file filename))
(let loop ([i 0]
[len (read-bytes! bs in)]
[start 0])
(define next-pos
(bytes-find-pos bs newline-code start len))
(when (fx= (fxmodulo i shards) shard)
(define semi-pos (bytes-find-pos bs semi-code start next-pos))
(define location-idx (get-idx bs start semi-pos))
(define degrees (bytes->flonum bs (fx+ semi-pos 1) next-pos))
(update-state! (vector-ref states location-idx) degrees))
(loop (fx+ i 1) len (fx+ next-pos 1))]
[(< start len)
(define rem (fx- len start))
(bytes-copy! bs 0 bs start len)
(define n-read
(read-bytes! bs in rem))
(loop i (fx+ rem n-read) 0)]
(define n-read
(read-bytes! bs in))
(if (eof-object? n-read)
(for/list ([k (in-vector keys)]
[s (in-vector states)]
#:when k)
(match-define (state n lo hi sum) s)
`(,k ,n ,lo ,hi ,sum))
(loop i n-read 0))])))
(define (handle pch)
(match-define `(,filename ,shards ,shard ,out-ch)
(place-channel-get pch))
(place-channel-put out-ch (process-shard filename shards shard)))
(define semi-code (char->integer #\;))
(define zero-code (char->integer #\0))
(define minus-code (char->integer #\-))
(define period-code (char->integer #\.))
(define newline-code (char->integer #\newline))
(define (bytes-equal? a b b-start)
(for/and ([b0 (in-bytes a)]
[b1 (in-bytes b b-start)])
(fx= b0 b1)))
(define (bytes-find-pos bs needle start end)
(and (fx< start end)
(if (fx= (bytes-ref bs start) needle)
(bytes-find-pos bs needle (fx+ start 1) end))))
(define (bytes->flonum bs start end)
(if (fx= (bytes-ref bs start) minus-code)
(fl- (bytes->flonum* bs (fx+ start 1) end))
(bytes->flonum* bs start end)))
(define (bytes->flonum* bs start end)
(for/fold ([n (fl+ 0.0)]
[d (fl+ 0.0)]
#:result (if (fl> d 0.0)
(fl/ n (flexpt 10.0 (fl- d 1.0)))
(fl+ n)))
([b (in-bytes bs start end)])
[(fx= b period-code)
(values n (fl+ 1.0))]
[(fl> d 0.0)
(fl+ (fl* n 10.0) (->fl (fx- b zero-code)))
(fl+ d 1.0))]
(fl+ (fl* n 10.0) (->fl (fx- b zero-code)))
(define (~n n)
(~r #:precision '(= 1) n))
(define (reduce-states xs)
(define states (make-hash))
(for ([x (in-list xs)])
(match-define `(,location ,n ,lo ,hi ,sum) x)
(update-state!* (hash-ref! states location empty-state) n lo hi sum))
(display "{")
(for ([(k idx) (in-indexed (in-list (sort (hash-keys states) bytes<?)))])
(unless (fx= idx 0)
(display ", "))
(match-define (state n lo hi sum)
(hash-ref states k))
(printf "~a=~a/~a/~a" k (~n lo) (~n (fl/ sum (->fl n))) (~n hi)))
(displayln "}"))
(define (main filename)
(define N (quotient (processor-count) 2))
(define channels
(for/list ([i (in-range N)])
(define pch (dynamic-place (syntax-source #'here) 'handle))
(define-values (res-ch-in res-ch-out)
(begin0 res-ch-in
(place-channel-put pch `(,filename ,N ,i ,res-ch-out)))))
(apply append (map place-channel-get channels)))))
(module+ main
(require racket/cmdline)
#:args [filename]
(main filename)))
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