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Looking unto Jesus 💙

Bolaji Ayodeji BolajiAyodeji

Looking unto Jesus 💙
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Javascript is the new cool [^1] and you really need to learn Python to access the new cool [^note]

[^1]: This is the first footnote.

[^note]: This is the second footnote with more paragraphs. Yes yes

{ console.log("Hashnode"}
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baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Apache Camel"
relativeURLs = true
disablePathToLower = true
staticDir = ["static", "documentation"]
disableKinds = ["taxonomyTerm"]
enableRobotsTXT = true
timeout = 300000
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="57x57" href="{{ "apple-touch-icon-57x57.png" | relURL }}">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="114x114" href="{{ "apple-touch-icon-114x114.png" | relURL }}">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="72x72" href="{{ "apple-touch-icon-72x72.png" | relURL }}">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="144x144" href="{{ "apple-touch-icon-144x144.png" | relURL }}">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="60x60" href="{{ "apple-touch-icon-60x60.png" | relURL }}">
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
<title>HTML Result</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""
integrity="sha384-WskhaSGFgHYWDcbwN70/dfYBj47jz9qbsMId/iRN3ewGhXQFZCSftd1LZCfmhktB" crossorigin="anonymous">
<div class="container body-content">

Speaker Rider

by Tatiana Mac

Before I'll agree to a speaking event, I try to do as much research I can around the event to ensure it aligns with my ethos. I want to share this in case it's helpful to any other speakers.

👐 Speaking comes with immense privilege. I am grateful to all the conference organisers who have brilliantly hosted me. I would love to continue to exercise this privilege to speak at conferences, and use this privilege to make the landscape more accessible and beneficial to tech's most marginalised and suppressed communities.

😫 I wish I didn't have to, but this is long because I provide a lot of explanations for those of you who never had to consider these things. And I will be honest, most thoughtful conferences I've attended check most of these boxes intrinsically, particularly when conference runners are experienced speakers. They get it.

1️⃣ All of these are based on my own ethos. I don't wish to or attempt to speak on behalf of all conference speake

View postgresql


Basic commands

psql -U postgres

Some interesting flags (to see all, use -h or --help depending on your psql version):

  • -E: will describe the underlaying queries of the \ commands (cool for learning!)
  • -l: psql will list all databases and then exit (useful if the user you connect with doesn't has a default database, like at AWS RDS)
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const SlackBot = require('slackbots');
const axios = require('axios')
const dotenv = require('dotenv')
const bot = new SlackBot({
token: `${process.env.BOT_TOKEN}`,
name: 'inspirenuggets'

A First Level Header

A Second Level Header

This is just a regular paragraph. yen yen yen

Header 1

Header 2

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const urlSlug = (postTitle) => {
let postUrl = postTitle.toLowerCase().split(' ');
let postSlug = postUrl.join('-');
return postSlug;
let postTitle = 'Handling Static Forms, The Client-side Way'
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<form action="/thanks.html" name="Bolaji's form" method="POST" data-netlify="true">
<div class="form-group">
<input type="text" class="form-control" id="name" placeholder="Name">
<div class="invalid-feedback">
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