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Last active Oct 8, 2021
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Opening multiple SSH sessions with iTerm automatically. To be used in an Automator flow.

Create a new Automater flow

Add 'Service'. Service receives 'no input' in 'iTerm'. Add 'Run AppleScript'.

-- Launch iTerm and log into multiple servers using SSH
tell application "iTerm"
create window with default profile
-- Read serverlist from file path below
set Servers to paragraphs of (do shell script "/bin/cat $HOME/serverlist")
repeat with nextLine in Servers
-- If line in file is not empty (blank line) do the rest
if length of nextLine is greater than 0 then
-- set server to "nextLine"
-- set term to (current terminal)
-- set term to (make new terminal)
-- Open a new tab
-- tell term
tell current window
create tab with default profile
tell current session
write text "ssh " & nextLine
-- sleep to prevent errors if we spawn too fast
do shell script "/bin/sleep 0.01"
end tell
end tell
end if
end repeat
-- Close the first tab since we do not need it
-- terminate the first session of the current terminal
tell first tab of current window
end tell
end tell
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