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Created May 26, 2023 13:58
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List of all supported devices

Currently 355 devies are supported.

Manufacturer Device Implemented Tested
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0003
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0004
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0005
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0006
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5101-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0003
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0004
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0005
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0006
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5103-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0003
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0004
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0005
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0006
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5106-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0006
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5112-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5118-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0003
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0004
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0005
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0006
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5203-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0003
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0004
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0005
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0006
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0007
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0008
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0009
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0010
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0011
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0012
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0200
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0201
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0202
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0203
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0210
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0212
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0213
Beckhoff AX5206-0000-0214
Beckhoff AX5805
Beckhoff EK1100
Beckhoff EK1100-0008
Beckhoff EK1100-0030
Beckhoff EK1101
Beckhoff EK1101-0008
Beckhoff EK1101-0010
Beckhoff EK1101-0080
Beckhoff EK1110
Beckhoff EK1110-0008
Beckhoff EK1110-0043
Beckhoff EK1110-0044
Beckhoff EK1122
Beckhoff EK1122-0008
Beckhoff EK1122-0080
Beckhoff EL1002
Beckhoff EL1004
Beckhoff EL1004-0010
Beckhoff EL1004-0020
Beckhoff EL1008
Beckhoff EL1012
Beckhoff EL1014
Beckhoff EL1014-0010
Beckhoff EL1018
Beckhoff EL1024
Beckhoff EL1034
Beckhoff EL1084
Beckhoff EL1088
Beckhoff EL1094
Beckhoff EL1098
Beckhoff EL1104
Beckhoff EL1114
Beckhoff EL1124
Beckhoff EL1134
Beckhoff EL1144
Beckhoff EL1252
Beckhoff EL1252-0010
Beckhoff EL1252-0050
Beckhoff EL1804
Beckhoff EL1808
Beckhoff EL1809
Beckhoff EL1819
Beckhoff EL1859
Beckhoff EL1904
Beckhoff EL1918
Beckhoff EL2002
Beckhoff EL2004
Beckhoff EL2008
Beckhoff EL2008-0015
Beckhoff EL2022
Beckhoff EL2024
Beckhoff EL2024-0010
Beckhoff EL2032
Beckhoff EL2034
Beckhoff EL2042
Beckhoff EL2084
Beckhoff EL2088
Beckhoff EL2124
Beckhoff EL2202
Beckhoff EL2202-0100
Beckhoff EL2521
Beckhoff EL2521-0024
Beckhoff EL2521-0025
Beckhoff EL2521-0124
Beckhoff EL2521-1001
Beckhoff EL2612
Beckhoff EL2622
Beckhoff EL2622-0010
Beckhoff EL2634
Beckhoff EL2652
Beckhoff EL2798
Beckhoff EL2808
Beckhoff EL2809
Beckhoff EL2809-0015
Beckhoff EL2904
Beckhoff EL3004
Beckhoff EL3044
Beckhoff EL3054
Beckhoff EL3064
Beckhoff EL3102
Beckhoff EL3112
Beckhoff EL3112-0011
Beckhoff EL3122
Beckhoff EL3142
Beckhoff EL3142-0010
Beckhoff EL3152
Beckhoff EL3162
Beckhoff EL3164
Beckhoff EL3202
Beckhoff EL3202-0010
Beckhoff EL3202-0020
Beckhoff EL3202-0030
Beckhoff EL3255
Beckhoff EL3403
Beckhoff EL3403-0010
Beckhoff EL3403-0026
Beckhoff EL3403-0100
Beckhoff EL3403-0111
Beckhoff EL3403-0126
Beckhoff EL3403-0333
Beckhoff EL4001
Beckhoff EL4002
Beckhoff EL4008
Beckhoff EL4011
Beckhoff EL4012
Beckhoff EL4018
Beckhoff EL4021
Beckhoff EL4022
Beckhoff EL4028
Beckhoff EL4031
Beckhoff EL4032
Beckhoff EL4038
Beckhoff EL4102
Beckhoff EL4104
Beckhoff EL4112
Beckhoff EL4112-0010
Beckhoff EL4122
Beckhoff EL4132
Beckhoff EL4134
Beckhoff EL4134-0030
Beckhoff EL5101
Beckhoff EL5101-0010
Beckhoff EL5101-0011
Beckhoff EL5101-0090
Beckhoff EL5101-1006
Beckhoff EL5151
Beckhoff EL5151-0021
Beckhoff EL5151-0080
Beckhoff EL5151-0090
Beckhoff EL5152
Beckhoff EL6900
Beckhoff EL7031
Beckhoff EL7031-0030
Beckhoff EL7041
Beckhoff EL7041
Beckhoff EL7041
Beckhoff EL7041
Beckhoff EL7041-0001
Beckhoff EL7041-0001
Beckhoff EL7041-0001
Beckhoff EL7041-0001
Beckhoff EL7041-0052
Beckhoff EL7041-0052
Beckhoff EL7041-0052
Beckhoff EL7041-0052
Beckhoff EL7041-1000
Beckhoff EL7041-1000
Beckhoff EL7041-1000
Beckhoff EL7041-1000
Beckhoff EL7201
Beckhoff EL7201-0001
Beckhoff EL7201-0010
Beckhoff EL7201-0011
Beckhoff EL7201-9014
Beckhoff EL7201-9015
Beckhoff EL7211
Beckhoff EL7211-0001
Beckhoff EL7211-0010
Beckhoff EL7211-0011
Beckhoff EL7211-9014
Beckhoff EL7211-9015
Beckhoff EL7221
Beckhoff EL7221-0001
Beckhoff EL7221-9014
Beckhoff EL7221-9015
Beckhoff EL7342
Beckhoff EL7342-0035
Beckhoff EL7411
Beckhoff EL9505
Beckhoff EL9508
Beckhoff EL9510
Beckhoff EL9512
Beckhoff EL9515
Beckhoff EL9576
Beckhoff EM3701
Beckhoff EM3702
Beckhoff EM3712
Beckhoff EM7004
Beckhoff EP1008-0001
Beckhoff EP1008-0002
Beckhoff EP1008-0022
Beckhoff EP1018-0001
Beckhoff EP1018-0002
Beckhoff EP1018-0401
Beckhoff EP2008-0001
Beckhoff EP2008-0002
Beckhoff EP2008-0022
Beckhoff EP2028-0001
Beckhoff EP2028-0002
Beckhoff EP2028-0032
Beckhoff EP2308-0000
Beckhoff EP2308-0001
Beckhoff EP2308-0002
Beckhoff EP2316-0003
Beckhoff EP2316-0008
Beckhoff EP2318-0001
Beckhoff EP2318-0002
Beckhoff EP2328-0001
Beckhoff EP2328-0002
Beckhoff EP2328-1061
Beckhoff EP2338-0001
Beckhoff EP2338-0002
Beckhoff EP2338-1001
Beckhoff EP2338-1002
Beckhoff EP2349-0021
Beckhoff EP2349-0022
Beckhoff EP2809-0021
Beckhoff EP2809-0022
Beckhoff EP2809-0042
Delta ASDA-A2
Delta MS300
Modusoft PH3LM2RM
Omron R88D-KN01H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN01L-ECT
Omron R88D-KN02H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN02L-ECT
Omron R88D-KN04H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN04L-ECT
Omron R88D-KN06F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN08H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN10F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN10H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN15F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN15H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN20F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN20H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN30F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN30H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN50F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN50H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN75F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN75H-ECT
Omron R88D-KN150F-ECT
Omron R88D-KN150H-ECT
Omron R88D-KNA5L-ECT
Stoeber MDS 5000
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