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TPT UMOD elements
* IWAL: Elements inside can't melt or be deleted, but can change to spark
* ONE-WAY WALL: Elements only can travel in 1 direction, use line tool
* FARADAY WALL: WIFI, EMP, ETRD and portals cannot connect across regions blocked off by faraday walls
* QLOG: Quantum logic gate, fires a laser that transforms ION's quantum state
* NICH: Nichrome wire, conducts SPRK only 1 pixel at a time
* NOTE: Plays a note when sparked or hit by BRAY
* FIBR: Fiber-optics, photons travel ainside cables made of this
* ERAY: Copies its properties to anything it hits
* SLCN: Silicon, powers elements on when sparked, off when de-sparked. Can be doped.
* ASPK: Anti-static power, blocks lightning and spark
Powered Materials:
* EXFN: Excursion funnel. Draw 1 line when paused, creates a portal like excursion funnel
* FFGN: Force field generator, use CNFG to edit.
* TIME: Time dilation field generator, alters local time when on
* SHRD: Shreds materials when on into their broken forms.
* PFLT: Powered filter, only allows photons when on, can be programmatically adjusted (see wiki)
* PINV: Powered invisible, only invisible to particles when on
* THRM: Thermium, conductor that only melts with lightning
* LOGC: Logic gate (Not finished)
* TRST: Thermoresistor, resistance scales linearly with temperature
* INDC: Inductor, resists current changes
* CPTR: Capacitor, resists voltage changes
* GRND: Reference 0 V
* JUNC: Allows SPICE wires to cross, current can only conduct vertically or horizontally depending on how it entered.
* VOLT: Voltage source
* RSTR: Resistor
* IOSL: Ionic solution, doesn't do anything.
* MMSH: Metallic mesh, only allows energy particles to pass. Not finished.
* RSPK: Realistic spark. You can't actually draw this
* ZINC: Zinc
* COPR: Copper, can oxidize
* MGNT: Magnet, doesn't do anything
* PDTC: Photon detector, floodfill outputs to either FILT or WIFI when a photon is detected nearby (see wiki)
* BJEL: Ballistic jelly, brightness changes depending on highest pressure experienced
* TRBN: Turbine, makes spark from air flow
* CSNS: Color sensor, sparks when an object of its dcolor is detected
* CBMB: Chrono-bomb, first slows down time then speeds it up
* BULT: Bullet, fires in opposite direction sparked
* NPLM: Naplam, long burning sticky liquid
* DFLM: Dark fire, a VIRS like fire
* CESM / LCSM: Cesium and liquid cesium, basically rubuidium.
* C-6: C-4 but it doesn't suck as much
* PHSP: Flammable, burns in sparks
* FREZ: Super-cooled gas, puts out fires, can't gain heat energy
* NEON: Glows with dcolor when sparked
* CLUD: Cloud, for deco / weather
* FLRN: Highly reactive gas, don't let it touch organic stuff
* N2: Inert gas, puts out fires
* AMNA: Ammonia, decomposes in endothermic reaction
* REGL: Repulsion gel, stains solids / powders, bouncy
* SFLD: Superfluid, flows along surfaces, heats into NEON
* CMNT: Liquid concrete, dries into RCRT / CNCT
* PULP: Paper pulp, dries into paper
* 009 / variants: SCP-009, water with reversed temperature changes (heating = freeze, cooling = gas). Turns water and organic stuff into more SCP-009
* H2O2: Hydrogen peroxide, slightly corrosive, flammable
* VNGR: Vinegar. Reacts with baking soda
* AQRG: Aqua regia, dissolves many metals, metals can be retrieved later via perceptiation reaction
* CRBN: Carbon, superconducts when cold, can be used in many carbon reactions
* CMTP: Cement powder, mix with water to make liquid concrete
* RCRT: Reinforced concrete, can float if connected near a supporting solid
* CLCM: Calcium, burns if finely divided, makes hydrogen with water
* SUFR: Sulfur, burns quickly in a blue flame
* BACL: Broken anti-coal
* BAKS: Baking soda, makes FOAM with VNGR
* RDMD: Realistic diamond, burns, forms with CRBN under pressure
* ROCK: Erodes with metals, has ores that can be "mined"
* LEAD: Absorbs energy particles
* BRAS: Accelerates air, kills bacteria
* AERO: Aerogel, perfect heat insulator
* TIN: Tin, I forgot what this does
* PAPR: Stainable, flammable solid. Dissolves in water.
* BSMH: Melt and cool to make rainbow crystals
* ALMN: Blocks pressure, shattered with high velocity particles
* ACOL: Anti-coal, burns with CFLM
* TRUS: Truss, allows particles through, would support stress if stress sim worked
* IRDM: Makes fire when sparked
* BRNZ: Bronze, slows down air
* BCTR: Bacteria, has genes, can mutate and die
* SUGR: Food for bacteria and organic stuff
* ANT: Ants, burrow in SOIL
* BIRD: Birds, fly in flocks and can perch
* FISH: Swim in freshwater
* SWTR: Sugar water
* SEED: Grows in SOIL into trees, temperature determines type of tree
* BLOD: Blood, stains and clots
* SOIL: Soil
* MUD: Mud, sticky liquid
* BEE: Makes WAX hives and pollinates PLNT
* HONY: Honey, made by bees
* SPDR: Spins webs
* WEB: Spider web, light and flammable
* MILK: Milk, can go bad
* UDDR: Squeeze (pressure) to make MILK, dies without nutrients
* FLSH: Flesh, slowly goes bad, can be cooked / frozen
* STMH: Stomach, slowly goes bad, can "eat" food
* POTO: Potatoes
* ALGE: grows on the surface of water
* HRSE: Horse, ridable, runs from danger, can turn into GLUE
Space: (Nothing here does anything)
* STAR: Doesn't do anything rn
* COTR: Controller
* RADR: Radar
* NAVI: Navigation
* THRS: Thruster
* HULL: Hull
* ION: Ion, can be used for quantum computing (holds a quantum state vector), has some reactions.
* BALI: Ball lightning, deletes its ctype when it releases its energy
* CRMN: Carolinium, explodes into dark fire
* NTRI: Neutrino, passes through everything and copies temperature and transfers (see wiki). Can trigger DEUT with a gravity explosion
* POSI: Positron, deletes spark (floodfill delete)
* ANH2: Anti-(realistic) hydrogen, anhiliates ordinary matter
* APRT: Anti-proton, sparks, reacts with positron to make anti-hydrogen
* THOR: Thorium, makes more neutrons with neutrons
* RADN: Slowly decaying heavy gas
* MVSD: Moving solid. Actually works except rotation
* TPRS: Temperature preserver, always keeps set temp but can "conduct" heat still to other elements
* FILL: Filler, most elements don't interact with this. Can be used for background deco
... Lots of incomplete elements
* INDI: Indestructible insulator
* CYTK: Cybertruck, ride it! Ctype of STKM / rocket boots can give it special abilities (see wiki)
* BOWR: Bowserinator. Super-singularity, makes lots of plasma, gravity, pressure, deletes even stacked particles
* TANK: KV-2 tank, ride it! Ctype of STKM / rocket boots can give it special abilities (see wiki)
* GNSH: UEF T3 Heavy Gunship, ride it! Ctype of STKM / rocket boots can give it special abilities (see wiki)
* JCB1: Jacob1, has a force field, shoots lasers and guided missiles at FIGH. Says TPT propoganada
* HAIR: Sticks to STKM heads, can get dirty
* SHPO: Shampoo, resets properties to default, otherwise acts like SOAP
* MONY: Money, glints, turns OIL, GOLD, etc... into more money. Attracts STKM like a magnet and kills STKM
* HOLY: Holy water, cleanses sin (see wiki)
* DEBG: Debug element. Forgot what it does but one of the options was to insta-crash the game
* VACC: Vaccine, makes STKM much stronger / immune to a lot of stuff (see wiki)
* Lots of new life
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