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TPT UMod changes
* New HUD with more info displayed
* Display save vote count & comment time
* Double rows in menus = no clutter
* Performance graph
* TPTMP & script manager builtin
* Reset spark button
* Option to right click to do opposite (ie right click HEAT => COOL)
* Option to display crosshair in brush
* Option for hollow brushes (ALT-TAB)
* Option to auto-hide HUD when mouse is near the top
* Option to dim glow effects
* Option for re-draw frequency
* Option for faster rendering (doesn't do anything)
* Option for sound (Broken on SDL2 for now)
* Time dilation w/ time tools, chronobomb and time dilation field generators
* Accurate quantum computer simulation up to like 5 or 6 qbits. Pretty useless in contrast to FILT tech
* Partially completed SPICE like circuit simulation. Can't handle underdamped RLC and still has debug graphics.
* Sound (doesn't work due to SDL2 at the moment)
* Deco tools like saturate, noise, lighten, darken, blending, etc...
* PRP2: Set multiple properties / do mathematical operations on properties
* Ruler: Ruler, measure distance
* Texter: Text -> elements, with font selection, preview, line spacing, alignment and element
* CNFG: User-friendly configurator tool for many common elements
* TRFM: Rotate and scale with optional auto-fill gaps
* AHET / ACOL: Ambient heat / cool
* FAST / SLOW: Time dilation
* RSET: Reset properties to default
* EROD: Erode the edges of solids and powders
* NORM: Normalize temperature and pressure to room temp & 0
* DECO: Set an element's deco color to its default color
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