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Release notes:

  • Turned off page updating - you only get the readings at the time of loading the page. Will re-instate on new PR
  • Some admin screens not done yet - will send in new PRS

Things to Test:

Self-service workflow

  • Sign up a new user
  • Confirm your email
  • Login as this new user
  • see a friendly prompt to create a home
  • Create a home, including with a gateway mac address

Admin provisioned workflow

  • Log in as admin
  • Add a new home, entering a gateway mac address, and new user email
  • Check the new user got an email inviting them
  • check the new users can accept this invite (you'll need to be logged out of admin when you follow the link)

Other things to test

  • Can log out
  • Can change password
  • Can edit a whare's name

If you see errors, then raise a bug report.

Be sure to use the exact words you see in the user interface. e.g. "I attempted to create a whare, I entered X, Y and Z into the form, pressed the button labelled create, then my browser sent the request, and on the next page I see this error". Exact words and how to reproduce the error is more useful than "I tried to save a whare, but I got an error."

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