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load glove and show the progress, finally save to numpy file
import numpy as np
from tqdm import tqdm
def load_glove(file):
"""Loads GloVe vectors in numpy array.
file (str): a path to a glove file.
dict: a dict of numpy arrays.
embeddings_index = {}
with open(file, encoding='utf8') as f:
for i, line in tqdm(enumerate(f)):
values = line.split()
word = ''.join(values[:-300])
coefs = np.asarray(values[-300:], dtype='float32')
embeddings_index[word] = coefs
return embeddings_index
# EMBEDDING_PATH = '../embedding_weights/glove.840B.300d.txt'
EMBEDDING_PATH = 'glove.840B.300d.txt'
embeddings = load_glove(EMBEDDING_PATH)'glove_embeddings.npy', embeddings)
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