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assert_eq!(Some("Andre").unwrap_or("Giant"), "Andre"); // "Andre"
assert_eq!(None.unwrap_or("Vizzini"), "Vizzini"); // "Vizzini"
//from above
assert_eq!(waiting.unwrap_or("Nope"), "I'm Waiting for Vizzini."); // I'm Waiting for Vizzini.
let waiting = Some("I'm Waiting for Vizzini.");
//Rust's match statement lets you figure out if you got Some or None
match waiting {
Some(c) => println!("{}", c),
None => println!("You got None"),
Prints "I'm Waiting for Vizzini."
public class Magician {
public Magician(){}
public Magician(String name){ = name;
public String getName() {
return name;
String name;
Optional of T {
None, //There is nothing here. Empty. Nada.
Some(T) //We have an item T
let myOption = Some(5); // Some(int32)
let myOption = Some("Rodents of unusual size. I don't believe they exist"); // Some(String)
let myOption = None; // We got nothing.