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oh-my-zsh theme for presentations (hides prompt features based on path)
# problem: when presenting, I want to obscure
# my prompt to act like it's at root of file system
# and be very basic with no git info, etc.
# solution: this theme lets you set a ENV to the path
# of your presentation, which will help remove unneeded prompt
# features while in that path
# oh-my-zsh theme for presenting demos
# based off the default rubbyrussell theme
# save this in .oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/present.zsh-theme
# then make this your default theme in .zshrc and it will
# act normal until you set the ENV VAR 'PRESENT' to a full path
# to the folder you want to present from. This will then hide
# the current working dir name in your prompt while in that dir only
# and hide the git_prompt for it and all subdirs
# mine has a whale emote for all things docker
# simply unset the PRESENT to clear config
# example:
# cd path/to/my/code/repo/for/presentation
# export PRESENT=$(PWD)
# if PRESENT has been set, lets show whale
# if not, DAY DRINKING!
function whale_or_bourbon () {
if [[ -z $PRESENT ]]; then
# 256 color with ;1m for bold %{\e[38;5;45;1m%}
# also note that any error code from last command will result in
# fire rather then bourbon
echo -n "%(?:🥃 :🔥 )"
echo -n "%{$fg_bold[blue]%}%c%{$reset_color%} $(git_prompt_info)"
# note that I've had feedback that people seeing fire
# while I'm in demo mode is off-putting so I've disabled it
# here by default, but swap out the next two lines to enable it
# echo -n "%(?:🐳 :🔥 )"
echo -n "🐳 "
# if we're in the root of presentation, hide the path
if [[ ! $PWD == $PRESENT ]]; then
echo -n "%{$fg_bold[blue]%}%c%{$reset_color%} "
# PROMPT='${ret_status} %{$fg[cyan]%}%c%{$reset_color%} $(git_prompt_info)'
ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_SUFFIX="%{$reset_color%} "
ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_DIRTY="%{$fg[blue]%}) %{$fg[yellow]%}💍"
# OPTIONAL BONUS: let this theme set this alias, then whenever you need to present,
# just cd to the path you're presenting from and type `present` 💥
#alias present='export PRESENT=$(pwd)'

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devTechi commented Jan 29, 2018

Thanks @BretFisher

I modified your theme a bit like follows. Please see:

Sorry, I couldn't add my code in here with Markdown ```. I got an error:

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