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HRQLS "An easy-to-use tool for visualizing quality of life by regions in Hampton Roads.

Overall Vision & Functionality

EHR weights and merges QoL factors such as crime, cost, health, schools, transportation, sanitation, recreation, and others to produce a map representing QoL in regions within Hampton Roads. The user adjusts sliders for each factor to find the optimal location in which to live based on their input.

EHR is powered by Hampton Roads Quality of Life Service (HRQLS), a public facade layer API we created to aggregate Hampton Roads data with different sources and formats.

Purpose / Goal

  • Everyone wants the best QoL possible but knowing how and where to find it is difficult and confusing. EHR visualizes all the factors on a map to greatly reduce the complexity of the decision process. It's applicable to current and incoming residents.

  • EHR allows community leaders see quickly see patterns based on the relationship of QoL factors.

  • Creation of Hampton Roads Quality of Life Service (HRQLS), a free public API facade with endpoints that provide a single source for QoL information for Hampton Roads. It is extensible for adding other QoL factors.

Are there any costs that you could foresee?

  • API subscription costs for data endpoints
  • Hosting
  • Improved UI
  • Designing responsive mobile app based on HRQLS

What core functionality needs to be completed to make this a fully working product? What would be a general timeline for each milestone.

  • EHR application improvement (4 hrs)
  • HRQLS API Facade Endpoint Data Refinement:
  • Completed - Crime API for all Hampton Roads (4 hrs)
  • Completed - Sanitation/Health API (none)
  • Completed - Housing API (4 hrs)

What additional features / functionality would you add? What would be a general timeline for each milestone.

  • Addition of HRQLS API endpoints (1 month):
    • Health Care,
    • Schools,
    • Transportation/Traffic
    • Traffic
    • Recreation
    • Society/Cultural
  • Development of responsive app (1 month)

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