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DE Hack Data 2016


HR Analysis, by team Spectre

  • Web visualizations of HR road accident data using Google Maps and D3 over the last 5 years
  • Data from github, not sure of source

NOAH, by team Haxton

  • Map visualizations of "overflow incidents" of storm and sewer processing systems
  • Some data from, some from HRSD, but didn't all line up to their desired data around nitrogen content due to overflow.

CVB Budget Analysis, by team Max Perigee

  • Visualizations of three datasets, CVB Budget, Household density, and City staff salary

Norfolk Romance, by team Mischief Management

  • Using data for finding places to meet someone

COD3, by team Undecided

  • Mobile/Web that tells you avg response time of EMS/Public Safety to your location based on historical data.
  • Using CVB open data portal for EMS and Dispatch indecent reports

HR Flood, by team Norfolk Flood

Pocket Change, by team USA

  • Use Elisabeth trail data to compete for social causes like United Way, stores donate to UW, UW includes them in their gameafied app
  • collects data on gamers to then market them on other social causes
  • []

DANO, by team Hopper

Buzz, by team Square Root of 63.792

  • app to find popular places (clubs/parties/events) in the moment, what's "buzzing"
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