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Docker Alias common stuff, mostly from oh-my-zsh
dcb='docker-compose build'
dcdn='docker-compose down'
dce='docker-compose exec'
dcl='docker-compose logs'
dclf='docker-compose logs -f'
dcps='docker-compose ps'
dcr='docker-compose run'
dcrestart='docker-compose restart'
dcrm='docker-compose rm'
dcstop='docker-compose stop'
dcup='docker-compose up'
dmls='docker-machine ls'
dmnode1='eval "$(docker-machine env node1)"'
dockertty='TERM=xterm-256color screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/com.docker.driver.amd64-linux/tty'
dprune='docker kill $(docker ps -a -q) && docker system prune -f'
drip='docker inspect --format="{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}"'
drit='docker exec -it'
drma='docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)'
drmai='docker rmi $(docker images -q)'
dwipe='docker kill $(docker ps -a -q) && docker system prune -af'

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@BretFisher BretFisher commented Apr 22, 2018

ugg legacy in there. I should replace the dockertty with Justin and Jerome's nsenter image:

dockertty='docker run -it --rm --privileged --pid=host justincormack/nsenter1'

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