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Elementary OS and Unity
Downlading odd version via unity hub
- navigate to your Unity Hub location with termianl and launch this
./UnityHub_04bbd5e8a2807b1b18cc06cb02ae973f.AppImage unityhub://2019.3.6f1/5c3fb0a11183
Replace "unityhub://2019.3.6f1/5c3fb0a11183" with the magnet link you get by right clicking on the "Unity Hub" button in the download archive.
Launching Unity in elementary without zoom issues
Terminal command example:
GTK3_MODULES="" GTK_CSD=0 /home/brin/Unity/Hub/Editor/2019.3.6f1/Editor/Unity -projectPath /home/brin/Programming/Magnitiser2019
Replace with your Edtior version location and project path. This is needed because pantheon uses a different version of GTK than Ubuntu from my understanding.
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