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Remove comments and docstrings from a python fille.
""" Strip comments and docstrings from a file.
import sys, token, tokenize
def do_file(fname):
""" Run on just one file.
source = open(fname)
mod = open(fname + ",strip", "w")
prev_toktype = token.INDENT
first_line = None
last_lineno = -1
last_col = 0
tokgen = tokenize.generate_tokens(source.readline)
for toktype, ttext, (slineno, scol), (elineno, ecol), ltext in tokgen:
if 0: # Change to if 1 to see the tokens fly by.
print("%10s %-14s %-20r %r" % (
tokenize.tok_name.get(toktype, toktype),
"%d.%d-%d.%d" % (slineno, scol, elineno, ecol),
ttext, ltext
if slineno > last_lineno:
last_col = 0
if scol > last_col:
mod.write(" " * (scol - last_col))
if toktype == token.STRING and prev_toktype == token.INDENT:
# Docstring
elif toktype == tokenize.COMMENT:
# Comment
prev_toktype = toktype
last_col = ecol
last_lineno = elineno
if __name__ == '__main__':
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LouisPi commented Jul 9, 2019

Thanks for this! It works perfectly for my project.

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biwa7636 commented Nov 27, 2019

Works great, thanks!

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Practcdi commented Jan 10, 2020

Single line of code
sed 's/#.*$//g'

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kb3dow commented Nov 2, 2020

There is a bug with the code (having to do with the logic prev_toktype == token.INDENT)
If there is a docstring (1 line or multiline) that begins at column 1 (with no preceeding spaces/tabs), it is not stripped out.

So an input of the form

""" string 1 """
    """ string 2 """

In this case string 1 is not stripped out

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kb3dow commented Nov 2, 2020


    if toktype == token.STRING and prev_toktype == token.INDENT:


    if toktype == token.STRING and (prev_toktype == token.INDENT or prev_toktype == token.NEWLINE):

does the job.

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newdive commented Dec 11, 2020

this will not generate legal code if a method has nothing but a doc string
you can check python/lib/ for example

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thread13 commented Jul 24, 2021

credits: Ned Batchelder

check also the comments to his answer

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