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Created June 29, 2023 19:04
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Nonprofit member engagement data schematic

The work below was performed as Engagement Data and CRM Tagging Strategist for Caring Across Generations. Deliverables included meetings and communication, organization-wide supporter journey creation, taxonomy development, dashboard creation, and reporting.

On a weekly basis, 1:1s occurred with Senior Digital Director, and monthly with digital team, to update progress on the organization-wide supporter journey creation. The Figma diagram below outlines the supporter journey for activists, fellows, and leaders.

Next, KPI and metric mapping occurred in collaboration with the Digital Team. A survey was conducted to gauge staff and stakeholder priorities, from which were generated campaign codes, activist codes, cost centers, and tags in EveryAction CRM. Prior to exploratory data analysis, member lists were cleaned. Data was then reconciled across Salesforce, Classy, and EveryAction CRMs.

This consultancy also involved the training and guidance around use of EveryAction. A manual was created for staff, with an Atlassian Confluence Knowledge Base “Engagement Central”. Here, staff could easily navigate through instructions on and examples of how to tag member engagement.

An integrated analytics system was devised with the support of Corner Shop Creative. The firm created a link generator, while Broader Impact Data Services ensured that Google Analytics integration and subsequent dashboard creation ran smoothly. Additional dashboards were created in Salesforce to track email, filed organizing, ads, and social media performance for internal stakeholders.

The project culminated with a longitudinal evaluation and report on Caring Across Generations member engagement, including snapshots of prior to and following the project.


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