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"Opened are the double doors of the horizon, unlocked are its bolts".

Bryan Schuetz BryanSchuetz

"Opened are the double doors of the horizon, unlocked are its bolts".
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BryanSchuetz / deploy-site.workflow
Last active Dec 6, 2018
A workflow for building your custom Jekyll site, and deploying it back to the gh-pages branch of your repository.
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workflow "Deploy Site" {
on = "push"
resolves = ["Build and Deploy Jekyll"]
action "Build and Deploy Jekyll" {
uses = "BryanSchuetz/jekyll-deploy-gh-pages@master"
secrets = ["GITHUB_TOKEN"]
BryanSchuetz / images.yml
Created Nov 21, 2018
Yaml file for searchable image archive
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image: 01-013
title: sarah williams
keywords: sarah, williams
caption: portrait of sarah williams
image: 01-014
title: williams family member
keywords: portrait, williams
BryanSchuetz / cachebust.rb
Created Feb 17, 2018
CSS Cache Bust Jekyll Plugin
View cachebust.rb
module Jekyll
module CacheBust
class CacheDigester
require 'digest/md5'
attr_accessor :file_name, :directory
def initialize(file_name:, directory: nil)
self.file_name = file_name = directory
BryanSchuetz / concat.liquid
Created May 5, 2016
Concat arrays in Jekyll(liquid)
View concat.liquid
{% assign all_hosts = "" | split: "" %}
{% for host in %}
{% assign all_hosts = all_hosts | push: host %}
{% endfor %}
{% for host in %}
{% assign all_hosts = all_hosts | push: host %}
{% endfor %}
BryanSchuetz / filter.json
Last active May 17, 2016
Game of Thrones Filter Keyword List
View filter.json
"IGNORE_LIST": ["#got", "game of thrones", "gameofthrones", "john snow", "tyrion", "arya", "stark", "winterfell", "georgerrmartin", "george martin", "george r. r. martin", "daenerystargaryen", "targaryen", "daenerys", "baratheon", "martell", "lannister", "florent", "tully", "white walkers", "umber", "greyjoy", "whitewalkers", "winter is coming", "winteriscomming", "sansa", "brandon", "rickon", "theon", "asha", "euron", "victarion", "kings landing", "castle black", "cold hands", "westeros", "nights watch", "tyrell", "jorah", "mormont", "samwell", "tarly", "petyr", "baelish", "brienne", "the mountain", "clegane", "davos", "seaworth", "drogo", "khal", "braavos", "asshai", "red priestess", "volantis", "qarth", "valyria", "meereen", "dothrak", "pentos", "astapor", "yunkai", "lys", "sunspear", "lorath", "elyria", "ghis", "iron islands", "the arbor", "redwyne", "pyke", "skagos", "tarth", "dragonstone", "dragon glass", "dragonglass", "myr", "tyrosh", "bolton", "roose"],
View adaptive-fixed-width-grid.scss
// Configuration
$font-size: 10px; // Your base font-size in pixels
$column: 48px; // The column-width of your grid in pixels
$gutter: 24px; // The gutter-width of your grid in pixels
// Column-widths in variables
BryanSchuetz / Reading-Time.liquid
Created Mar 5, 2016
A liquid block for generating the reading time of a given post.
View Reading-Time.liquid
{% capture words %}
{{ content | number_of_words | minus: 180 }}
{% endcapture %}
{% unless words contains “-” %}
{{ words | plus: 180 | divided_by: 180 |
append: “ minutes to read” }}
{% endunless %}
View Jekyll-Tag-Archive-Pages.liquid
{% comment %}
* Loop through all site tags
* For each tag, create a container with the tag title, and all posts containing that tag
* Hide the container by default and use the tag slug as an ID for the container
{% endcomment %}
{% assign sorted_tags = site.tags | sort %}
{% for tag in sorted_tags %}
<div class="tag-archive--block" id="{{ tag | first | slugify }}">
<h2>{{ tag | first }}</h2>
BryanSchuetz / SVG-DEFS include
Created Aug 17, 2015
Load all SVG data once using a partial. Then call each one as you want inline—basically, an SVG sprite.
View SVG-DEFS include
<svg style="display: none;">
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