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Reduce or remove WooCommerce 2.5 minimum password strength requirement for creating a user account. Warning: Use at your own risk.
*Reduce the strength requirement on the woocommerce password.
* Strength Settings
* 3 = Strong (default)
* 2 = Medium
* 1 = Weak
* 0 = Very Weak / Anything
function reduce_woocommerce_min_strength_requirement( $strength ) {
return 2;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_min_password_strength', 'reduce_woocommerce_min_strength_requirement' );
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seankmchenry commented Nov 16, 2016

Thanks for this!

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CatinhoCR commented Dec 29, 2016

Lovely. Thanks bud.

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Arsintorabi commented Apr 21, 2017

thank you

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jonathancrowell commented Jun 19, 2017

Is it possible to give me rundown on what the difference is between 3, 2, and 1. Is it just character length or something else? I have a popup instructing the user about password strength that I'd like to update with the correct info. thanks for this though, just what I was looking for

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ajayghaghretiya commented Oct 12, 2017

Thank you

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ncesar commented Mar 12, 2018

Thanks brother!

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