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let re;
// Literal Characters
re = /hello/;
re = /hello/i;
// Metacharacter Symbols
re = /^h/i; // Must start with
re = /world$/i; // Must end with
re = /^hello$/i; // Must begin and end with
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let re;
re = /hello/;
re = /hello/i; // i = case insensitive
// re = /hello/g; // Global search
// console.log(re);
// console.log(re.source);
// exec() - Return result in an array or null
// const result = re.exec(`hello world`);
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To find all instances of node running:
ps -a | grep node
-a means all, 'node' means all node instances.
The PID is the first number. The below kills it: