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"users": [
"title": "Yacoubian Building, The (Omaret yakobean)",
"authors": ["Koral Jickells", "Aloise Eccleston"],
"isbn": "212308154-X",
"synopsis": "Oth metac/carp rep/plast",
"language": "Dhivehi",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "02/04/2019"
"title": "Eastern Plays",
"authors": ["Bax Mateu", "Etty Hundley"],
"isbn": "845815740-3",
"synopsis": "Diagnostic asp of orbit",
"language": "Malayalam",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "16/10/2020"
"title": "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever",
"authors": ["Cynthia Macguire", "Leena Parker"],
"isbn": "333612359-3",
"synopsis": "Auto bone mt w/o purg",
"language": "Polish",
"genre": "Action|Adventure|Animation|Comedy|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "08/11/2020"
"title": "Manic",
"authors": ["Jazmin Gavaran", "Tripp Dolden"],
"isbn": "539020918-4",
"synopsis": "Vaginal suspens & fixat",
"language": "Somali",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "16/04/2020"
"title": "Fantomas Unleashed",
"authors": ["Kearney Case", "Lennie Whiteson"],
"isbn": "100131020-9",
"synopsis": "Thermokeratoplasty",
"language": "Belarusian",
"genre": "Adventure|Comedy|Crime|Fantasy",
"publicationDate": "15/12/2018"
"title": "Romantics, The",
"authors": ["Piper Olivo", "Annabelle Kneaphsey"],
"isbn": "069894610-3",
"synopsis": "Thymus biopsy",
"language": "Estonian",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama|Romance",
"publicationDate": "22/02/2021"
"title": "Christine Jorgensen Story, The",
"authors": ["Josefa Menaul", "Elita Philbrook"],
"isbn": "132168187-9",
"synopsis": "Excis hand tend for grft",
"language": "Hebrew",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "10/05/2022"
"title": "Emperor of the North (Emperor of the North Pole)",
"authors": ["Atalanta Dolling", "Benn Bertelmot"],
"isbn": "014403304-6",
"synopsis": "Destruct larynx les NEC",
"language": "Danish",
"genre": "Action|Drama|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "13/02/2023"
"title": "American Violet",
"authors": ["Carlyn McCaughey", "Ingemar Gosson"],
"isbn": "196347124-5",
"synopsis": "Reduction torsion testes",
"language": "Gagauz",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "31/03/2022"
"title": "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie",
"authors": ["Daloris Farny", "Marabel Staggs"],
"isbn": "383016765-2",
"synopsis": "Refusion of spine NEC",
"language": "Dutch",
"genre": "Fantasy|Horror|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "25/06/2021"
"title": "Right Kind of Wrong, The",
"authors": ["Artair Giacomozzo", "Jakie Whapples"],
"isbn": "360121886-0",
"synopsis": "Excis ampulla of vater",
"language": "Armenian",
"genre": "Comedy|Romance",
"publicationDate": "12/05/2018"
"title": "Jeffrey Dahmer Files, The",
"authors": ["Thurston Tremblett", "Jocelyne Blofield"],
"isbn": "367165064-8",
"synopsis": "Remove FB from periton",
"language": "Portuguese",
"genre": "Crime|Documentary",
"publicationDate": "06/10/2020"
"title": "Indestructible Man",
"authors": ["Rozina Vizard", "Ranee Padley"],
"isbn": "018282170-6",
"synopsis": "Head/neck ves incis NEC",
"language": "Lithuanian",
"genre": "Crime|Horror|Sci-Fi",
"publicationDate": "05/12/2020"
"title": "Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The",
"authors": ["Othello Domotor", "Atlante De Bellis"],
"isbn": "078227895-7",
"synopsis": "Tube & uterus x-ray NEC",
"language": "Tsonga",
"genre": "Animation|Comedy|Horror|Musical",
"publicationDate": "20/01/2021"
"title": "Paprika (Papurika)",
"authors": ["Bary Golthorpp", "Darlene Juza"],
"isbn": "769341876-8",
"synopsis": "Contrast arthrogram",
"language": "Chinese",
"genre": "Animation|Mystery|Sci-Fi",
"publicationDate": "21/05/2019"
"title": "Gods Must Be Crazy II, The",
"authors": ["Johnathan Cleminshaw", "Scottie Indruch"],
"isbn": "652258385-2",
"synopsis": "Remov tube & ectop preg",
"language": "Chinese",
"genre": "Comedy",
"publicationDate": "22/03/2022"
"title": "Return of the Vampire, The",
"authors": ["Calida Reolfo", "Saul Fargher"],
"isbn": "801596565-9",
"synopsis": "Lap remove both ovaries",
"language": "Kurdish",
"genre": "Horror",
"publicationDate": "09/09/2022"
"title": "Original Kings of Comedy, The",
"authors": ["Barbabra Aitchinson", "Patty Hellicar"],
"isbn": "719097730-9",
"synopsis": "Cervical dx procedur NEC",
"language": "Yiddish",
"genre": "Comedy|Documentary",
"publicationDate": "01/02/2019"
"title": "Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (Timescape)",
"authors": ["Veronike Troni", "Magdaia Hinksen"],
"isbn": "948667726-3",
"synopsis": "Aortocor bypas-3 cor art",
"language": "Telugu",
"genre": "Children|Sci-Fi",
"publicationDate": "09/08/2020"
"title": "Little Nicky",
"authors": ["Elspeth Pavett", "Hynda Vorley"],
"isbn": "704793767-6",
"synopsis": "Incision of testes",
"language": "Swedish",
"genre": "Comedy",
"publicationDate": "23/05/2020"
"title": "Dark House",
"authors": ["Eyde Dunkerly", "Jeana Bilbey"],
"isbn": "018414744-1",
"synopsis": "Insert esoph obtu airway",
"language": "Azeri",
"genre": "Horror|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "23/11/2021"
"title": "Let it Rain (Parlez-moi de la pluie)",
"authors": ["Wallis Stallibrass", "Rafa Chaperling"],
"isbn": "396475048-4",
"synopsis": "Occlus head/neck ves NEC",
"language": "Catalan",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama",
"publicationDate": "29/06/2021"
"title": "Club Sandwich",
"authors": ["Meyer Wedmore.", "Victor Mattingley"],
"isbn": "855185682-0",
"synopsis": "Closed valvotomy NOS",
"language": "Portuguese",
"genre": "Comedy",
"publicationDate": "26/03/2020"
"title": "Sgt. Bilko",
"authors": ["Yvon Braunlein", "Clare Labeuil"],
"isbn": "016918169-3",
"synopsis": "Metacar/car wedg osteoto",
"language": "Aymara",
"genre": "Comedy",
"publicationDate": "13/12/2021"
"title": "Projectionist, The",
"authors": ["Jeth Shoebotham", "Skip Dotson"],
"isbn": "849146778-5",
"synopsis": "Ins drug-elut coronry st",
"language": "West Frisian",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama|Fantasy",
"publicationDate": "14/07/2020"
"title": "Skyscraper (Skyskraber)",
"authors": ["Gerrie MacQuist", "Carl Hatwell"],
"isbn": "849311098-1",
"synopsis": "Incis larynx trachea NEC",
"language": "Amharic",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama",
"publicationDate": "20/05/2021"
"title": "Wah-Wah",
"authors": ["Noll Rumens", "Tiffanie Nehl"],
"isbn": "652714120-3",
"synopsis": "Endovasc embol hd/nk ves",
"language": "English",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "04/09/2021"
"title": "Ice House, The",
"authors": ["Kelley Whyard", "Xerxes Sheldrake"],
"isbn": "909935079-1",
"synopsis": "Other skeletal x-ray",
"language": "Quechua",
"genre": "Drama|Mystery|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "24/02/2022"
"title": "Divide and Conquer (Why We Fight, 3)",
"authors": ["Cecil Sandilands", "Elinor Ridgley"],
"isbn": "177079221-X",
"synopsis": "Osteoplasty mandible bdy",
"language": "Kashmiri",
"genre": "Documentary|War",
"publicationDate": "06/11/2018"
"title": "Most Likely to Succeed",
"authors": ["Chuck Hyslop", "Warner Pentelow"],
"isbn": "374300615-4",
"synopsis": "Syndactyly correction",
"language": "Malagasy",
"genre": "Documentary|Drama",
"publicationDate": "03/04/2020"
"title": "One False Move",
"authors": ["Brewster Bamb", "Elwira Kempster"],
"isbn": "124259488-4",
"synopsis": "Oth perc proc bil trct",
"language": "Japanese",
"genre": "Crime|Drama|Film-Noir|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "18/01/2020"
"title": "Milarepa",
"authors": ["Nanny Clee", "Isabelle Zupa"],
"isbn": "163951860-6",
"synopsis": "Extracorporeal memb oxy",
"language": "Maltese",
"genre": "Action|Adventure|Drama",
"publicationDate": "26/12/2022"
"title": "The Boy in the Mirror",
"authors": ["Lynnette Scarlon", "Garnette Quaintance"],
"isbn": "975024310-2",
"synopsis": "Replace nephrostomy tube",
"language": "Irish Gaelic",
"genre": "Adventure|Children|Drama|Fantasy",
"publicationDate": "20/08/2020"
"title": "Shanghai Kiss",
"authors": ["Gabrila Antonov", "Say Beeton"],
"isbn": "622897554-4",
"synopsis": "Lymphatic struct biopsy",
"language": "Mongolian",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama|Romance",
"publicationDate": "28/10/2021"
"title": "Family Law (Derecho de familia)",
"authors": ["Zelma Gino", "Guthrie Northwood"],
"isbn": "477941078-9",
"synopsis": "Delay opening ileostomy",
"language": "Mongolian",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama",
"publicationDate": "11/06/2018"
"title": "The Heart Machine",
"authors": ["Sherwynd Goublier", "Monah Le Fleming"],
"isbn": "496557786-8",
"synopsis": "Sm bowel stoma closure",
"language": "Arabic",
"genre": "Drama|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "26/09/2020"
"title": "Babette Goes to War",
"authors": ["Winnifred Rapo", "Lenard Longcaster"],
"isbn": "307909297-X",
"synopsis": "Duhamel rectal resection",
"language": "Croatian",
"genre": "Comedy|War",
"publicationDate": "07/03/2018"
"title": "Soul Plane",
"authors": ["Dory Huncoot", "Wrennie Blandamere"],
"isbn": "006077911-X",
"synopsis": "Parasitol-spleen/marrow",
"language": "Khmer",
"genre": "Comedy",
"publicationDate": "18/03/2019"
"title": "Country",
"authors": ["Brendan Damrell", "Byran Regler"],
"isbn": "969860529-0",
"synopsis": "Skull plate insertion",
"language": "Lao",
"genre": "Drama",
"publicationDate": "01/08/2020"
"title": "Shadow Conspiracy",
"authors": ["Karlens Lerhinan", "Skell Nanson"],
"isbn": "859817873-X",
"synopsis": "Bronchoscopy thru stoma",
"language": "Dari",
"genre": "Thriller",
"publicationDate": "28/06/2019"
"title": "Samurai Cop",
"authors": ["Phillip Kensit", "Ofelia Sedman"],
"isbn": "289325934-0",
"synopsis": "Perc ather intracran vsl",
"language": "Gagauz",
"genre": "Action|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "27/10/2020"
"title": "Babylon 5: In the Beginning",
"authors": ["Gerhard Rounding", "Clarette Burvill"],
"isbn": "028678384-3",
"synopsis": "Aorta-renal bypass",
"language": "Polish",
"genre": "Adventure|Sci-Fi",
"publicationDate": "26/06/2020"
"title": "Clash by Night",
"authors": ["Roanna Ashness", "Rina Hanney"],
"isbn": "240949490-0",
"synopsis": "Ureterostomy closure",
"language": "Maltese",
"genre": "Drama|Film-Noir",
"publicationDate": "28/02/2021"
"title": "Running Man, The",
"authors": ["Sisile Welband", "Bob Staggs"],
"isbn": "425738311-9",
"synopsis": "Post nasal pac for epist",
"language": "Icelandic",
"genre": "Action|Sci-Fi",
"publicationDate": "08/10/2022"
"title": "Into the Woods",
"authors": ["Early Pepper", "Gray McReynolds"],
"isbn": "902457190-1",
"synopsis": "Intracran endarterectomy",
"language": "Mongolian",
"genre": "Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy|Musical",
"publicationDate": "11/09/2018"
"title": "The Gamers",
"authors": ["Wandis Glossop", "Jemmy Eckersall"],
"isbn": "516695228-6",
"synopsis": "Opn fx red w int fix NEC",
"language": "Lao",
"genre": "Adventure|Comedy|Fantasy",
"publicationDate": "19/01/2020"
"title": "Beat Street",
"authors": ["Jessica Pimme", "Gwenette Harrowsmith"],
"isbn": "162624600-9",
"synopsis": "Debrid opn fx-metac/car",
"language": "Thai",
"genre": "Drama|Musical",
"publicationDate": "30/01/2021"
"title": "Critters 4",
"authors": ["Stevie Gabbot", "Gerik Blinder"],
"isbn": "463379834-0",
"synopsis": "Clos pharynx fistula NEC",
"language": "Tajik",
"genre": "Comedy|Horror|Sci-Fi",
"publicationDate": "04/06/2018"
"title": "Maximum Conviction",
"authors": ["Molly Delacour", "Chicky Risdall"],
"isbn": "683401032-7",
"synopsis": "Lap sigmoidectomy",
"language": "Dhivehi",
"genre": "Action|Adventure|Thriller",
"publicationDate": "05/10/2021"
"title": "The Floating Castle",
"authors": ["Daron McGilvary", "Archibald Stoodale"],
"isbn": "223303890-8",
"synopsis": "Mammography NEC",
"language": "Polish",
"genre": "Comedy|Drama",
"publicationDate": "28/04/2021"
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