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@CBeerta CBeerta/knife.rb Secret
Created Jun 3, 2013

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Universal knife.rb
current_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
user_email = %x{git config --get}.chomp
user_name = %x{git config --get}.chomp
home_dir = ENV['HOME'] || ENV['HOMEDRIVE']
org = ENV['chef_org'] || 'my_org'
knife_override = "#{home_dir}/.chef/knife_override.rb"
chef_server_url "https://localhost"
log_level :info
log_location STDOUT
# USERNAME is UPPERCASE in Windows, but lowercase in the Chef server,
# so `downcase` it.
node_name ( ENV['USER'] || ENV['USERNAME'] ).downcase
client_key "#{home_dir}/.chef/#{node_name}.pem"
cache_type 'BasicFile'
cache_options( :path => "#{home_dir}/.chef/checksums" )
# We keep our cookbooks in separate repos under a ~/chef/cookbooks dir
cookbook_path ["#{current_dir}/../cookbooks", "#{current_dir}/../my-cookbooks"]
cookbook_copyright "#{user_name} <#{user_email}>"
cookbook_license "BSD"
cookbook_email "#{user_email}"
#http_proxy ""
#https_proxy ""
#no_proxy "localhost, 10.*, *, *"
# Allow overriding values in this knife.rb
Chef::Config.from_file(knife_override) if File.exist?(knife_override)
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