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There are many more breaking changes in 0.9, but these are the ones that mostly the ML.NET samples faced when moving to v0.9:
1. MakePredictionFunction() --> CreatePredictionEngine() --> Based on my original feedback and this [issue](, since it creates an object, not a function..
2. The type or namespace name 'Microsoft.ML.Runtime' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.ML' (Error: are you missing an assembly reference?)
a. Data attributes are now in: using Microsoft.ML.Data;
b. TextLoader and other types moved to using Microsoft.ML.Data;
c. Related, removed:
using Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Learners;
using Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Data;
3. mlContext.Data.TextReader --> mlContext.Data.CreateTextReader()
5. RegressionEvaluator.Result -> Microsoft.ML.Data.RegressionMetrics
6. BinaryClassifierEvaluator.Result --> Type is now Microsoft.ML.Data.CalibratedBinaryClassificationMetrics
7. MultiClassClassifierEvaluator.Metrics --> Type is now Microsoft.ML.Data.MultiClassClassifierMetrics
ClusteringEvaluator.Result --> Type is now ClusteringMetrics
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