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Automatically redirect Tor traffic to onion (Hopefully efficiently as the if processing isn't intensive)
##Get New Exit Node list ever 6 Hours
57 */6 * * * `curl\?ip\=<yourip> | awk '{print $0" TOREX;"}' > /etc/nginx/includes/torexit.ips && service nginx restart`
##Create a geo region for Tor Exits
geo $torexit {
default NOEXIT;
include includes/torexit.ips;
##Check on every request if Tor Exit, potentially inefficient, but the geolookup is quicker than a long list of ifs.
if ($torexit = TOREX) {
rewrite ^ https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion$request_uri? permanent;

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@alecmuffett alecmuffett commented Feb 16, 2018

That's really interesting; thanks, Chris - I'll look it over.


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