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Feed The Beast: Revelations 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0 Changelog
# FTB Revelation 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0 Changelog
## Mods included in this list may have the same changelog as previous patch versions.
## Some authors will only update their changelogs when a new minor or major version is published.
Actually Additions r128
-Removed a debug line in Greenhouse Glass
-Fixed the firework box recipe displaying wrongly in JEI
Advanced Rocketry 1.2.6-50
-possible fix for #1074
-fix moon size
-add advancements back in
-fix rocket newline
-update German translation, thanks Jummit!
-fix newlines in locale
-fix #1066, CMe
-fix bug with O2 vent were the seal status was not properly set, add O2 tracing for finding leaks
-make sure seal blocks unregister properly, fix for #1038
-Update ru_RU.lang
-Update ru_RU.lang Updated full russian desc. Added new items and corrected untranslated words.
-remove spaces from biome names, resolve #1061
Applied Energistics 2 rv5-stable-5
-Fixes #3288: Fixes various item rotations when held in 3rd person. - yueh
-Fixes #3304: Fixes some light level sync issues. - fscan
-Fixes #3315: Slightly more permissive checks for autocrafting for items with empty NBT tags. - yueh
base 3.5.1
-fixed crashes when using Arrays in MaterialDataPieces (Should fix the armor crashes)
Baubles 1.5.2
- API: added isBaubleEquipped helper method to BaublesAPI
- fixed player bauble syncing (Thanks pau101) closes #235
- bdew: partially reverted the check in HasTE - causes issues in e.g. blockBreak
Binnie's Mods
-Fix incorrent "No space in Tank" when making enzymes (#395) - Philip Standt
-Fix #331 Crash on launching when butterflies are disabled in forestry. - Nedelosk
-Validate ItemFieldKit to avoid metadata manipulations with items. (#375) - mezz
-Create & Update zh_CN.lang(s) (#376) - SihenZhang
-#347 Various issues with the brewery - mezz
-Fix #359 remove oredict "gearWood" for scented and proven gears - mezz
-Create ru_RU.lang for Binnie Genetics (#358) - Mr-Krab
-Create ru_RU.lang for Binnie Extrabees (#355) - Mr-Krab
-Create ru_RU.lang for Binnie Botany (#354) - Mr-Krab
-Create ru_RU.lang for Binnie Extratrees (#357) - Mr-Krab
-Create ru_RU.lang for Binnie Core (#353) - Mr-Krab
-Create ru_RU.lang for Binnie Design (#356) - Mr-Krab
-Make Binnie's stained glass non-flammable - mezz
-Update dependencies - mezz
-Fix #344 Networking issue with latest Forge - mezz
-Fix Ceramic Brick pick block - DrManganese
-Fix #350 Crash on dedicated server - mezz
-Fix localization error - mezz
-Remove unused imports - mezz
-Fix #345 Prevent shift-clicking into recipe slots - mezz
-Improve tooltips on machines, show some basic help Close #216 make the help key configurable - mezz
-Fix #343 TOPAddons shows 6 tanks for each real tank - mezz
-Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on invalid soil metadata (#317) - Gamebuster
-Add Item Capability support to Alveary Frame Housing (#325) - mcenderdragon
-Fix #298 Most trees support apples when they shouldn't. - mezz
-Fix #294 Nerf fruit saturation - mezz
-Fix #340 Inoculate and Splicer cannot apply bee effect alleles - mezz
-Fix #341 Analyst turns tree pollen into sapling - mezz
-Fix #335 Fix lab stand, render items over some machines - mezz
-Fix #337 Breeding System Crash - mezz
-Create zh_CN.lang(s) (#334) - SihenZhang
-Expand accepted blocks for Redstone, Leaves, and Wood flower type bees - mezz
-Fix #336 Ecstatic Bee effect crashes - mezz
-Prevent 2-tall flowers from breaking blocks when grown - mezz
-Enable JEI lookup of items and fluids in all guis - mezz
-Fix automated extraction from machines pulling all items out - mezz
-Fix machine particles - mezz
-Fix crash from CraftTweaker ASM version issue - mezz
Bookshelf 2.3.522
-Added a method to harvest a block safely. - Tyler Hancock
Career Bees 0.2.0
-Add Bee-bee gun. Uses bees and honey to shoot bees. These bees will then perform their special effect on whatever they hit.
-Add Honey-Smelter bees that make honeycomb ingots.
-Add Ying/Yang essences.
-Add recipes for bee armor and eternal frames.
-Placing an item frame on a hive to create a filter for collecting bees and any item modification bees.
-Fix issue where certain storage blocks (iron, lapis, etc) did not have an oredict name.
-Internal refactors and optimizations.
-Added OreDict support for wooden logs (credit to GlacieredPyro) and wooden planks, so now the Rope and Nail can be placed on modded wooden logs and planks for hammock builds
-Fixed issue with sleep handler not accounting for Forge sleep event results
Compact Machines 3.0.5-b184
-Bugfix-Release for versions >= 3.0.3:
-Fix client crash when placing TEs near already set up Compact Machines with a Tunnel bound to the side the TE is placed on.
Controlling 3.0.6
-Fixed key cutoff (was limited to 219, now it goes to 256)
-Added Turkish thanks R0C0K0!
CraftTweaker2 4.1.0
-Fixed ct hand outputting the wrong nbt
-simple Generic (functional) Interfaces
-OreDict#add now accepts a Vararg
-Some missing or new annotations
-Stopped Bracket Handlers from being registered Twice
-Started porting over some CoT methods to CrT
-IWorldProvider and Means of getting IWorld Objects from their ID
-Changed how Facing works
-Fixed onPlayerPickupItem event, added onPlayerChanged Dimension
-IDimension now castable to IWorld
-Added IMaterial and some more IBlockState methods
-Switched from onPlayerPickUpItem to onEntityItemPickUpEvent
-Allow Empty Maps like `val map as IItemStack[string] = {}`
-Added more compare and rotateY to IFacing
-Introduced IEventCancelable to use for events that can be cancelled.
-Added creative Tabs
-Javadocs are published to maven
-More methods for IItemStack and IItemDefinition
-Added Enchantments
-Added new Methods to IPotion, Added IPotionEffect
-Added IFoodStats
-Removed ClientOnly CreativeTab Functions
-Created IMobilityFlag instead of using Strings
-Added Enchantment Bracket Handler and EntityEquipment Slot and missing @ZenRegisters
-IPosition3f -> Postion3f (ensures CoT compatibility)
-New IBlockDefinition Methods
-Added superInterface IBlockProperties to IBlockState
-Added superInterface IBlockAccess to IWorld
-Fixed OnRegister, it now fires
-Changed how resourceloation for blocks are gotten
-Fixes localizing crashing on servers
-ZenProperties work withouth Getter/Setter Methods and ZenTypeFunctions work as variables now (even global!)
-Fixed global functions, they couldn't yet be cast to their type
-Added ability to access a scripts functions from within other scripts
-Floating point variables now accept ds and fs to specify the type. (no char will return double)
-Fixed Stackoverflow with NBTUpdater
-Static Keyword
-Added harvestlevel
-added a ct reload command explaining why reloading is not possible
-Fix crash when a texture references itself
/dank/null 1.3.30
-Fixed #57, #71, & #73
-Implemented #72
Dark Utilities 1.8.192
-Fixed wither dust not being craftable in player crafting grid. #137 - Tyler Hancock
Draconic Evolution
-Re added toggle flight key binding
-Fixed entity path finding crash related to placed items.
Engineers Workshop Reborn
-(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
-(modmuss50) Add Turkish translation from RoCoKo
Exchangers 2.6.2
-Fixed MV Exchanger requiring Tier 3 core instead of Tier 2 in hard mode, closes #43
-Completely implemented support for Holding and Unbreaking enchant, closes #37
-Fixed rendering issue with Light Level Overlay Reloaded, closes #44
-Rewritten GUI and render overlay, hopefully should resolve a lot of OpenGL conflicts with different mods
-Render overlay now turns green when selecting a valid block and turns red when selecting an invalid block
-Minor changes and code cleanups
Extra Cells 2 2.5.11a48
-No changelog provided
Fence Jumper 1.0.2
-Updated to 1.12.2
-Fix #1955 Add Filter Sorting to fix a server sided bug - Nedelosk
-Fix broken model baker uvs - Nedelosk
-Fix #1945 Database duping trees / bees - Nedelosk
-Update Lang - Nedelosk
-Improve genetic filter implementation - Nedelosk
-Move the filter logic to a separate interface - Nedelosk
-Change default filter rule - Nedelosk
-Improve Filter collision box - Nedelosk
-Remove unused texture - Nedelosk
-Add sorting block (Genetic Filter) - Nedelosk
-Add more Dimension Config Blacklists for world generation (#1942) - temp1011
-Removing overworked bees mechanic, cap production modifier at 16x (#1946) - temp1011
-Adds dimension blacklist for hive generation. - phillipasmith1995
-Adds dimension blacklist for hive generation. - phillipasmith1995
-Adds dimension blacklist for hive generation. - phillipasmith1995
-Move the worktable into a separate module - Nedelosk
-Should be all of them (hopefully) - temp1011
-Add power config for analyzer - temp1011
-Fix #1061 Squeezer is very "liberal" regarding oredict in Recipes - Nedelosk
-Update Lang Git-Module - Nedelosk
-Fix #1937 Backpacks do not hold previously defined items - Nedelosk
-Fix #1399 Add Hive Generation Blacklist - Nedelosk
-Fix #1884 Tin can / wax capsule cannot pick up fluid blocks in world - Nedelosk
-Fix Crate Registration - Nedelosk
-Fix #1916 Client Crash with new version - Nedelosk
-Fix #1874 Crash when adding bee to BQM quest / chestloot - Nedelosk
-Fix #1920 Crate registration only on client side - Nedelosk
-No biome check - temp1011
-Fix #1919 Butterfly Model throws NullPointerException - Nedelosk
-Improve Database Recipe - Nedelosk
-Fix hive flammability Hive placed in the overworld burned whereas hive placed in nether did not in my tests. Hopefully this works better. - temp1011
-Fix #1932 Client Tile Updates Depending On Apiculture Module - Nedelosk
-Woops - temp1011
-add damage option to hives based on config - temp1011
-update config in apiculture - temp1011
-make non hellish hives flammable - temp1011
-Fix "Invalid property value detected" error logs from Buildcraft - mezz
-Fix #1918 Fix #1912 packet handler issue with latest Forge ( - Nedelosk
-Fix Broken Sockets - Nedelosk
-Fix #1907 Electric engine doesn't update configuration properly - Nedelosk
-Fix #1901 Custom Backpack Model Registration - Nedelosk
-Fix #1906 Willow leaves can be used to create an x-ray - Nedelosk
-Fix resurrected ender dragons having no AI (#1908) - Remy A
-Revert "Slightly improve render performance of genetic items (bee, trees, etc)" This reverts commit 3df3d9121e51fca16e8a02b19ddb8e1a2b1d5bc6. - mezz
-Fix #1893 False Module Container ID - Nedelosk
-Slightly improve render performance of genetic items (bee, trees, etc) - mezz
-Stop viscous fluids from making water flowing sounds - mezz
-Fix #1890 NPE with Quark - Nedelosk
-Fix backward compatibility - Nedelosk
-Clean Up Module System - Nedelosk
-Fix Module System - Nedelosk
-Fix Api - Nedelosk
-Improve Module System - Nedelosk
-Fix GreenhouseEventHandler - Nedelosk
-Change the plugin system to a module system and split up modules -Changed plugin system to a module -Renamed forestry plugins to modules -Mod integration plugins are still called plugins -Moved the woodpile from the arboriculture module to the charcoal module -Moved the backpacks from the storage module to the backpacks module -Moved the crates from the storage module to the creates module -Added the database module with a new storage block for individuals -Added a species plugin interface to handle the database gui -Added some alyzer methods to the species plugin to move the alyzer integration later to it - Nedelosk
-Update Lang - Nedelosk
-Move some classes to the api and fix broken api classes - Nedelosk
-Remove experimental code - Nedelosk
-Remove unused resources - Nedelosk
-Change the plugin system to a module system and slit up modules -Moved the woodpile from the arboriculture module to the charcoal module -Moved the backpacks from the storage module to the backpacks module -Moved the crates from the storage module to the creates module -Added the database module with a new storage for individuals -Added a gui element system to improve the alyzer api -Added a species plugin interface to handle the database gui -Added some alyzer methods to the species plugin to move the alyzer integration later to it - Nedelosk
-Fix #1866 Block State Interaction Issues With Pokecube and Forestry - Nedelosk
-Fix Mystical Agriculture Inferium Seeds and update Integration - Nedelosk
-Fix #1860 Mystical Agriculture Integration (Could not find item) - Nedelosk
-Fix #1856 Non Glass Fluids in Thermionic Fabricator are not getting used up. - Nedelosk
-Fix #1863 Bottler does not empty bottles - Nedelosk
Industrial Foregoing
-Items with enchantability 0 can't be inserted in som enchanting machines anymore
-Fixed some casting issues
-Fluid Pump now stop checking its area when the area is finished once
-Fixed Book entries missing if a machines are disabled
-Added Plant Interactor, is like an autonomous activator and a fruit picker had a baby
-Thanks for the 1 Million Downloads!
Iron Backpacks 3.0.4
-Fixed crash when changing keybindings.
LibVulpes 0.2.7-25-UNSTABLE
-Add locale overrides for #1012
-Fixes jetpack toggle key #26
-add getters for outputs
-add getters for outputs, update build num
-fix itemHandler,
-disable curse builds temporarily
-update artefact location for git
-add curseforge and changelog tasks.
Magic Bees 3.1.9
-Fixed botania flower models
-Fixed module effects loading after the bee is registered, resulting in NPE's
-Made bee disabling & bee hiding in JEI configurable
-Set max frame stack size to 1, fixes frames with same durability being able to stack
-Fixed Essence of Everlasting Durability recipe
-Fixed hive gen on nether roof (thanks temp1011)
-Fixed different hive types stacking
-Fixed null taglines, resulting in NPE's when shift-hovering over BM-botania research
-Added TE mobtypes now that they are back in
-Fixed NPE when certain bee were removed
-Decreased spawn rate of TE mobs
-Added JEI info about where to find bee hives
-Added some postgen features to underground hives
Malisis Core 6.3.2 & Malisis Doors 7.2.4
-No Changelog Provided
MineTogether 1.8.7
-Fixed localisation on friends list key bind.
-Changed default key combination to Ctrl+M to avoid reported conflict with JEI.
-Leaves should now render correctly
NuclearCraft 2.9
- Added new OPTIONAL (disabled in config by default) fission reactor mechanics
- This includes new power/heat calculations and more interesting placement rules
- Added more heat info to the Fission Controller GUI
- Added all molten fission fluids and some recipes involving them
- Increased default electromagnet power requirement
- Decay Generator will now cause all depleted blocks to decay down as far as Thorium-230
- Added more integration recipes
- Tweaked some Ore Dict entry names
- Fixed an error where the Melter was registering faulty recipes
- Tweaked some block and fluid textures
- Updated Forge
- Updated IC2 and JEI APIs
- Possible other things that I have forgotten
- Removed Paulobrine and Herobrian
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.12.2L
-Added: Ground Trap: Added raw duck as a result to all three types of bait
-Fixed: Water Trap: Added mussels and sardines to the Water Trap (reported by wamc2017)
-Fixed: Item: Cooked Grub should have the right name (reported by xbony2)
-Fixed: Recipes: Tool recipes should now be less picky about where you put the materials in the crafting grid (PR by josephcsible)
-Fixed: Cake Blocks: getItem fixed (PR by josephcsible)
-Fixed: Cake Blocks: Now have hardness of 0.5 to reduce instant breaking of wanted cakes
-Removed: Saturation text ('snack', 'light meal', etc) since all foods restore the same saturation level now
Placebo 1.1.4
- Update in preparation for Plants 2.3.0
Platforms 1.4.3b
-Fixed error causing the block texture not to be from the same mod as the ingot.
-Note: version 1.4.3b fixes the error causing ingots to be removed from the OreDictionary.
Quark r1.4
- API: Added a way for IDropoffManager implementations to provide their own IItemHandler.
- API: Increased API version to 2.
- Automation: Fixed pistons not updating the amount of players viewing a chest's interface, leaving it to be open if it's moved while a player is looking at it.
- General: Quark will no longer break Random Things' dyeing machine. (lumien231)
- Management: Fixed the extract and restock buttons being dependant on Dropoff being enabled instead of Chest Buttons.
- Tweaks: Added a config setting to Automatic Recipe Unlock to disable the recipe book entirely.
- World: Fixed a crash if a type of world stone is enabled but the rarity set to 0.
Reborn Core
-(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
-(modmuss50) Intern PropertyString values to fix TechReborn/TechReborn/issues/1414
-(modmuss50) Update old tank syncing code, fixes TechReborn/TechReborn/issues/1377
Redstone Arsenal
-Quiver can now be disabled.
Rustic 0.4.7
-Fixed incorrect minimum and default values for the new brewing-related config options.
SecretRoomsMod 5.1.13
-Used better rendering techniques for better FPS.
-Updated Optifine Support for C7 and C8
-Fixed tooltips not displaying on blocks using the assignable sides gui (eg. the PlatFormer from Platforms)
Signals 1.2.2-5
-Bugfix: Nullpointer in ClientEventHandler.shouldRender.
Steve's Carts Reborn
-(gorymoon) #releaseBuild
-(gorymoon) Fixed note sequencer not scrolling properly and error at 128+ notes
-(gorymoon) Probably fixed chunkloading module
-(gorymoon) Furnace recipes shouldn't have been removed, Fixes #115
-(gorymoon) Fixed shooters and ore extractor
Storage Drawers 5.3.4
-Fixed crash when shift-clicking an empty slot in the framing table
-Added option to default-on item count numbers for drawers
Tinkers Construct
-Seared Channel Recipe gives 3 now
-Tools can be renamed anytime again!
-Gasses now render upside down
-TiC Slime Blocks now work with pistons
-Fix last vanilla-type arrow not being fired with TiC bows
-Crafting stations ignore each others inventories, preventing freezes
-On-Hurt Traits (cactus) don't deal damage when you're receiving reflected damage anymore (guardians/other cactus users), preventing a crash
-Remove impossible to craft casting recipes that showed up in JEI
-Fix Magma Slime Islands cascading worldgen
-Fix Slime Boots causing fall damage on land depending on where you originally started (you take less damage now too)
-Same for congealed slime blocks
Thermal Cultivation - Updated
Thermal Dynamics - Updated
Thermal Expansion - Updated
Thermal Foundation 5.16.0 - Updated
ThutCore 5.16.0
-tweaks and improvements to animation api.
Thut's Elevators 6.0.13
-fixes recipe for info book.
-adds recipe for clearing device linker.
TipTheScales 1.0.1
-Disables the mod if optifine is there
UniDict 2.3.1
-Added two config options to ignore certain ItemStacks on Furnace Integration
-"furnaceInputsToIgnore", and "furnaceOutputsToIgnore".
Whoosh 0.1.7
-No longer wrongly consumes fluid when not blinking through blocks
-Turkish translations (Thanks to R0C0K0)
XNet 1.6.7
-Bug fix with setting integer values in guis
-Fixed double tooltips in gui of controller
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