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These variables are the characteristics of any given drink. Changing these will change the drink produced. These are also the values that are sent to the arduino in a string of numbers. (i call that the DrinkID)
Dialog myDialog;
String DrinkName="A Drink"; //Note these strings should never appear
String DrinkType="A Drink Type"; //Note these strings should never appear
public int Vodka_Measure;
public int Rum_Measure;
public int Gin_Measure;
public int Whiskey_Measure;
public int TonicWater_Measure;
public int CranberryJuice_Measure;
public int OrangeJuice_Measure;
public int Pineapple_Measure;
public int Mint_Measure;
public int Sugar_Measure;
public int Lime_Measure;
public int Lime_Slice;
public int Stir;
public int Mash;
//Human Functions
public int Ice_Measure;
public int Shake;
public int Kalua;
public int Cointreau;
public int Vermouth;
public int Peach_Schnapps;
public int Cream_De_Cacao;
public String DrinkSizeText;
public int DrinkSize;
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