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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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My memo of JSDC 2014

JSDC 2014

Day 1

The Future of the Enterprise Web App

Q1: What's the perspective service of Sencha
Q2: How to improve Sencha with Sencha service
Q3: How to become a full stack js developer
Q4: How to choose Native APP or Browser

Use Node Modules In The Browser With Browserify

  • require('modules') in browsers
  • using brfs to transform codes used in browser
  • appveyor in Windows, Travis-CI in Linux/Mac OS X

Slides + links for talk

ZMQ 的安全與架構 in node.js

Q: Why choose ZMQ but not
A: is for Web, so it's a little bit different from ZMQ

不被重視的 HTML: Accessibility

  • Add aria-label to make Voice Over detect the value
  • So does role


Functional JavaScript, why or why not?

  • In functional programming we don't like to define new function
  • Monad is a solution for composing Context-ed actions
  • Monad light the way to isolate side-effects in JavaScript

Monad Laws in Haskell wiki


Amazing Web Framework for node.js

Micro Databases

  • leveldb
  • accountdwon
  • content-addressable-blob-store
  • hash-exchange
  • forkdb
  • wikidb

Q1: Is it good to use local db in bigger project?

Q2: How was leveldb performance? A2: leveldb is fast

Q3: A3: leveldb is single threaded

Q4: How to become a hard-code programmer? A4: write a lot of codes

Q5: Can leveldb be used in remote site?


Day 2

Panel Talk: Hello JSDC!

Q1: when to develope new feature or maitain it
@maxogden: Make my own version first
@jessica: Trying to learn so make it on my own
@jonathan: /* 沒聽懂... */
@mu-an: Same as Jessica. I matter the part of TEST
@huge: in order to learn, too.

Q2: 程式開發的意義?

Q3: Except developing, how about life?

Koa - Asynchronous Decorators as Middleware

  • Generators in ES6
  • Await & Async in ES7
  • Why move Express to Koa
    • Error handling
    • Async/Await-style control flow
    • Decorator pattern

Feature-oriented Programming with JavaScript

Ext JS Workshop / The 90 Minute App


Node.js, p2p and MAD SCIENCE


GitHub 大冒險

  • GitHub Style Giude
  • Be asynchronous && Be non-blocking
  • CSS

Lightning Talk


  • v8 error stack
  • play with stacktrace

Data Garage


  • React is better than Angular
  • RxJS



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