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GSOC 2019 Final Work Product Report

GSoC'19 Work Product Submission Online Banking App 3.0 | Cajetan Rodrigues

I would like to thank Ed Cable, Gaurav Saini & Ankit Raj Ojha for their guidance and support throughout the program and their timely assistance.

Organisation: Mifos Initiative

Project Name: Online Banking App 3.0

Mentors: Ankit Raj Ojha , Gaurav Saini

Project github repository link:

Commits made during GSoC: Pull Requests

Project Overview

Online Banking App (a.k.a web self-service app) which enables the end user to interact with their own data such as view/transact on the loans they hold, add beneficiaries, check charges etc. Data which is visible to the self-service user is the subset of Staff's can see. Not all the data is accessible to the user ( such as account notes, internal approval cycles).

Table of Contents

  1. Dashboard
  2. Login
  3. Sign Up and OTP Verification
  4. Forgot Password
  5. Charges Component
  6. Apply for loan component
  7. Transfers Component
  8. Third-party transfers Component
  9. Surveys Component
  10. Help Component
  11. Profile Component
  12. Notifications Component

Project Implementations


PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integrated ]

  • User can view all of the personal data related to his account
  • The summarized form the data is presented in form of UI cards and google charts for visualizing

dashboard-final dashboard-final-mobile-1


PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integrated ]

  • The user can login provided he/she is a selfservice user


Sign Up and OTP Verification

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending]

  • The user can signup for gaining the priviledge of a self service user.


Forgot Password

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

  • In case the user forgets his password, he can retrieve it via email.


Charges Component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integrated ]

  • User is able to see all the charges incurred by his transactions

Balsamiq Design




Apply for loan component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

The apply for loan component contains the following fields.

  • Loan Product options
  • Purpose of Loan
  • Currency
  • Submitted on
  • Expected disbursement date

Balsamiq Design




Transfers Component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

This component will play an important role for transfers within the same bank. It has fields

  • Pay To (which beneficiary)
  • Pay From (which account)
  • Amount
  • Transfer date (Auto Populated)
  • Remarks (Additional message)

Balsamiq Design




Third-party transfers Component

Pr Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

The user is able to do the following

  • Select a beneficiary from a dropdown
  • Select which account does want to get it transferred
  • Input amount
  • The date should be autopopulated
  • Some addtional remarks

Balsamiq Design




Surveys Component

Pr Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

  • Surveys submitted by the clients will help the organisations do better and improve consistently

Balsamiq designs

Phase 1 1survey_balsa

Phase 2 2survey_balsa

Phase 3 3survey_balsa


Phase 1 1_survey

Phase 2 2_survey

Phase 3 3_survey

10. Beneficiaries Component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integrated ]

  • All of the beneficiaries that has been added by client to perform various activities like transferring funds can viewed on this screen.

Balsamiq Design


UI Beneficiaries Component

Search Facility

User can Search through all the records

Sorting Facility

User can sort the records w.r.t to each field


User can choose how many records are to be displayed at a time.


Help Component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

All the common FAQs regarding the usage of the app are available over here.

Balsamiq design




Profile Component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

  • User has flexibilty to edit his details instantly with a simple interface.

Balsamiq Design




Notifications Component

PR Link [ UI Completed | API Integration pending ]

  • All the notifications pushed from the server will be accomodated by the app in form of a drop and full fledged view.

Balsamiq Design




Overall Experience

It was initially challenging for me to cope up as it was being introduced, but as time passed by, I learnt more and more about the organisation in weekly checkins that we had. Ed and my mentors played a key role in assisting me throughout the season. I would consider handing a huge codebase and interacting with developers all over the globe as a perk. It has been a great experience working with the Mifos community and I am looking forward to continue the same in the future.

Thank you Mifos Initiative and Google Open Source Team for this great opportunity! 😃 👍

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