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Last active December 25, 2019 23:46
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# Changelog for v1.0 RC1
## General Changes
* Change version number in title screen image to V1.0 RC1.
* Remove unnecessary newline in "Shiveral Habor" map label.
* Tweak some request text to prevent weirdness when viewing them in the pause menu.
* Ship part shop menu: Change 'All' option to instead read 'Browse all parts'. (The reason for this is to better suit the alignment of the "NEW" image - but this should be more clear/descriptive regardless.)
* Change "Prize" textbox and request list label to instead read "Reward Details".
* Net shop dialogue: change Agreement to Announcements (the online/streetpass agreements are not in the game itself, this option seems to be for Square Enix announcements regarding net shop events, etc.)
* Translate a hardcoded speaker name (Mr. DL) in announcement messages. Note that this will not translate the message itself, as that is received from the internet and cannot be changed.
* Change "dias" to "pedestal" as it was spelled incorrectly (correct form being "dais") and it seems more like a more fitting/common word anyways.
* Remove C-stick mention from tutorial (the game was released before it existed, so it doesn't really need to be there)
* Insert a space between the "Request" text and the request number in the request menu. (before: Request10, after:Request 10)
* Trade window item names are now properly spaced.
* Request GUI: change "Place" label to "Location".
* Minor revisions to crew tactic descriptions.
* Credits: Unabbreviated Square Enix text, moved KOICHI SUGIYAMA to the next line.
## Cutoff/Overflow Fixes
* Fixed a few issues where hooly objective on bottom screen would be cut off (Github issue #9)
* Change "Gun Valley City" map screen label to "Gun City" to avoid space limitations
* Fix some some volcano request text overflow
* Shorten a bunch of bottom screen labels to better fit the GUI
* Shorten killer machine battle message to prevent overflow
* Fixed "Buy" being shortened to "Bu".
* Fix several instances of request text overflowing.
* Fix several instances of request text cutting off due to control codes.
* Fix a few instances of crew descriptions cutting off due to control codes.
* Enlarge item name box in inventory, trading, and ammo loading GUIs (fixes several problems where the items name would overflow).
* Enlarged ally monster nameplates within the menu (and fixed a few other overflowing names, too)
* Fix overflow issue that would occur when notified that you could use Slival's ship parts temporarily.
* Reword some of Hooly's dialogue after losing the final ship fight to fix overflow.
* Fix some overflowing dialogue that occured during the end of the story.
* Fix some multiplayer message box overflow.
* Change "et" label to read "etc".
* "Fossil Isle" textbox enlarged.
* "West Slushia" and "West Slushia Harbor" shortened to "W. Slushia/Harbor".
* "Snow Country" textbox enlarged.
* "Volcano Isle Harbor" shortened to "Volcano Hbr."
* "Volcano Isle" shortened to "Volcano", in keeping with the UI.
* Changed "Funadel Wastes" and "Funadel Wastes Harbor" to "Funadel Isle" and Funadel Isle Harbor, again in keeping with the UI.
* Shortened "Desert Wastes Harbor" to "Desert Wastes Hbr."
* Credits: Fix alignment issues with the names Taoyuki Ueno and Masaya Tsunemoto.
## Typo corrections
* Correct typo "teh" to "the".
* Correct "status" to "statues" in Shiveral dialogue.
* Change instances of "burning water" to "Fire Water".
* Change "lowered bridge" to "raised" in Zipunk dialogue.
* Fix missing space in Flancisco dialogue in Zipunk.
* Remove extra space in Cheery Girl dialogue (Gun Valley).
* Decapitalize the "The" in all instances of "What The Bay".
* Remove redundant "for" in ninja reward dialogue.
* Fixed nonsensical Demon Axe crafting desription.
* Change all instances of "Shivarel" to "Shiveral".
* Net shop dialogue: correct miscapitalization ("NIntendo" to "Nintendo").
* Net shop dialogue: correct typo ("recieved" to "received")
* Fix a typo, changed "Devile's Scythe" to "Devil's Scythe"
* Corrected a few typos that occured near the end of the story.
* Fixed typo during final battle dialogue, changed "were" to "was".
* Put a space between Plattypie in a few instances of dialogue. Reason being the "platty" part is highlighted as a character name, while "pie" is not - see Github issue #12, screenshot #14.
* Change all instances of "Turtlagon" - a direct translation, to the officially localized name: "Wyrtle".
* Change all instances of "Evil Imp" to just "Imp".
* Change all instances of "Prow" to "Oars".
* Change all instances of "Decor" to "Oars".
## Image updates/fixes
* Fix weird artifact with the battle result screen (small section of pixels were missing)
* Fixed two issues where the POW tablets showed the untranslated sprites.
* Change 'View Fame' to 'Rank List' in streetpass menu
* Fix broken images on revival instruction screen
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