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Last active Apr 10, 2020
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Install instructions for masters-of-cats/a-new-hope NeoVim config.

Install required packages


brew install python3 python@2 neovim
pip install neovim
pip3 install neovim


sudo apt-get install neovim python2 python3
pip install neovim --user
pip3 install neovim --user

Clone the repo

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Install the plugins and binaries

nvim --headless +PlugInstall +PlugUpdate +GoUpdateBinaries +qall
nvim --headless +UpdateRemotePlugins +qall

Start NeoVim

nvim <filename>
# or
nvim .
# or

Once you have opened NeoVim, if you see errors it is possible the headless install did not work. Without closing NeoVim, type :PlugInstall and enter, followed by :UpdateRemotePlugins and enter. If you get further errors, try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling Python, Python3, Pip, and Pip3.

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