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using data from as `filename`, will create a random comment.
import re
import random
CURLY_RE = re.compile( "\{(.*?)\}" )
def spam( filename ):
file = open(filename, "r")
all_templates = "|\n")
N = len( all_templates )
#randomly choose a spam template
spammy_template = all_templates[ random.randint(0, N-1) ]
formatted_spam = re.sub( CURLY_RE, "%s", spammy_template )
choices = []
for _template in re.findall( CURLY_RE, spammy_template):
_choices = _template.split("|")
choices.append( _choices[ random.randint( 0, len(_choices)-1 ) ] )
return formatted_spam%tuple(choices )
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