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Simple script to split a cubemap/skymap image produced by blender into 6 separated image files for use in Unity3Ds skybox materials.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Will split a png cubemap/skymap image produced by blender into 6 separated image files for use in a skybox within unity
# Requires Python Imaging Library >
# The author takes no responsibility for any damage this script might cause,
# feel free to use, change and or share this script.
# 2013-07, CanOfColliders,
from PIL import Image
import sys, os
path = os.path.abspath("") + "/";
processed = False
def processImage(path, name):
img =, name))
size = img.size[0] / 3 # splits the width of the image by 3, expecting the 3x2 layout blender produces.
splitAndSave(img, 0, 0, size, addToFilename(name, "_right"))
splitAndSave(img, size, 0, size, addToFilename(name, "_back"))
splitAndSave(img, size * 2, 0, size, addToFilename(name, "_left"))
splitAndSave(img, 0, size, size, addToFilename(name, "_down"))
splitAndSave(img, size, size, size, addToFilename(name, "_up"))
splitAndSave(img, size * 2, size, size, addToFilename(name, "_front"))
def addToFilename(name, add):
name = name.split('.')
return name[0] + add + "." + name[1]
def splitAndSave(img, startX, startY, size, name):
area = (startX, startY, startX + size, startY + size)
saveImage(img.crop(area), path, name)
def saveImage(img, path, name):
try:, name))
print "* ERROR: Could not convert image."
for arg in sys.argv:
if ".png" in arg or ".jpg" in arg:
processImage(path, arg)
processed = True
if not processed:
print "* ERROR: No Image"
print " usage: 'python image-name.png'"

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@ignaty8 ignaty8 commented Aug 1, 2016

Having a go at making my own skyboxes, and this has saved me from the madness of manually inserting coordinates into the select tool of GIMP over and over. Thanks a lot! :)

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