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Working from home
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Last active February 23, 2024 10:34
[Going SFF] A buildlog for the Aklla A4 Pro #SFF #Aklla #Buildlog

Going SFF

Since I saw the Dan A4 and viewed different video about using this case, I always wanted to build myself an SFF PC. The idea of having a very powerful pc in such a tiny space always impress me.

But the problem with SFF PC is that parts used to build this type of PC are difficult to find and can be expensive, even more with this pandemic and components shortage. And because I already bought a Zotac RTX 3080 Amp Holo, it can't fit in the Dan A4 or even the Ghost S1. This card is simply too huge.

Using a big graphics card limits the choice for cases. Sub-10L cases with 2.5 slots in height and length of 318 mm are not common. The only mainstream case supporting this kind of GPU is the FormD T1, but have fun trying to find one.

Now enter AliExpress or Taobao: You can find many clones of different brands of SFF cases. You can get a Velka 5 clone, the [Lz-a4 (4,1L)](