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The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.45.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings yet another horde of bug fixes and some new features, including per-group KF-animation replacers support, 360° screenshots and an ability to brew multiple identical potions at a time.
Check out the release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the illustrious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.
Known Issues:
Shadows are not re-implemented yet
There's currently no way to redirect the logging output to the command prompt on Windows -- this will be resolved in 0.46.0
To use generic Linux binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings
New Features:
Objects display spellcasting visual effects (#1645)
Collision boxes are auto-generated for creatures without one (#2787)
File paths of selected content files can be copied via context menu (#2847)
Actors play casting animations during scripted spellcasting (#3083)
As an option, barter deals modify merchant disposition permanently (#3103)
Ranged weapons can make critical hits (#3703)
360° screenshots of various kinds can be made (#4222)
ToggleBorders debug instruction (#4256)
Sound generator keys in activator animations are supported (#4285)
On macOS, Function key shortcuts can be used (#4324)
Some debug settings previously available as command line arguments can be set up in the launcher (#4345)
Per-group KF-animation replacers support (#4444)
Shader water is more rough during bad weather (#4488)
The count of enchanted items in a stack is shown in the spells window (#4509)
The actual chance to hit the target is used for AI weapon rating instead of just the skill (#4548)
The real potential damage of a weapon is used for its rating (#4549, #4697)
Ranged weapon bonus is applied to the rating if an actor is far enough from the target (#4550)
As an option, strength attribute affects hand-to-hand fatigue damage (#4579)
Logging system has been heavily reworked (#4581)
AI no longer uses magic effects that affect hit chance if the enemy has not taken the appropriate stance (#4624)
AI uses the root mean square of melee weapon damage for more precise weapon rating (#4625)
AI accounts for weapon speed when determining a weapon (#4626)
Various vanilla combat action rating GMSTs are utilized (#4632)
sTo ("to") GMST replaces a hyphen in spellmaking menu (#4636)
Added count field to the alchemy window, use of which allows you to brew multiple potions at a time (#4642)
To improve performance, actors outside of AI processing range are no longer rendered (#4647)
AI processing range can be configured via an in-game slider and a configuration option (#4647)
Collision box from the non-animated creature model is used as a fallback if the animated model lacks one (#4682)
Thrown weapon tooltips show the real damage the projectile has (twice the base record damage) (#4697)
New Editor Features:
Top bar dropdown menu and context menu options have icons (#912, #4506)
Implemented actor rendering (#1221)
Implemented enchantment record verification (#1617)
Global search can be case-sensitive (#2606)
Cell view has Shift-C default shortcut (#2845)
Record preview has Shift-V default shortcut (#2845)
Global search has a status bar (#3276)
Framerate can be limited in Preview window (#3641)
Stack dump files are written in case of a crash (#4012)
Some lists, such as magic effect lists, are sorted alphabetically (#4404)
As an option, base records are ignored in verifier runs (#4466)
Light source and creature levelled list marker models are used (#4512)
Bug Fixes:
Actors restore health and magicka during player resting (#1875)
Precise time of sunrise and sunset is recovered from the imported Morrowind INI file (#1990)
Actors have learned to aim during scripted spellcasting (#2131)
Skills and attributes that affect trading no longer result in lower selling price if they're too high (#2222)
Reworked landing sound behaviour for NPCs and the player (#2256)
Scripted object movement now adjusts the position of the actors that reside on the object (#2274)
The last equipped item of a certain type is automatically re-equipped once a bound item spell of the type expires (#2326)
Restore effects can restore drained stats (#2446)
Unarmed non-biped creature attacks no longer degrade armor condition, like in Morrowind (#2455)
Actors no longer activate teleport doors (for now) so that their abrupt cell change doesn't cause a crash (#2562)
Using Resurrect instruction on a dead player resumes the game fully (#2626)
Improved handling of non-existent class and faction references (#2772)
Weapon is visually unequipped before a spellcasting stance transition is started (#2835, #4327)
Player followers committing a murder results in the player getting a bounty (#2852)
SDL is only initialized for the Graphics tab of the launcher when Qt5 is used, preventing input issues on macOS (#2862, #3911)
Explicit reference calls no longer break Tab autocompletion in the console (#2872)
Naked expressions starting with the member operator are no longer allowed to be used outside of the console (#2971)
Reworked handling of Drain and Fortify effects for Health, Magicka and Fatigue to be closer to Morrowind (#3049, #4231)
Upclose enemies are no longer immune to ranged combat (#3059)
Scripted item self-equipment no longer causes a freeze (#3072)
Actors can now be snapped down to the ground at a significantly larger distance (#3219)
TrueType fonts are rescaled properly (#3288)
It's much easier to hit the target with on-touch spells (#3374)
Reworked scripted and death animations handling for significantly improved mod compatibility (#3486, #4286, #4291, #4307)
'GetSpellEffects' scripting function can now detect zero-duration effects (#3533)
The intended start position of attack raycast is replicated, making it much easier to hit the enemy with a low Reach weapon (#3591)
Scripted sleeping interruption can trigger random creature spawning (#3629)
One extra argument to 'AddSoulGem' and 'RemoveSpell' scripting instructions no longer breaks script compilation (#3762)
Reworked 'GetPCInJail' scripting function behavior to be closer to vanilla (#3788)
Implemented 'GetPCTraveling' scripting function (#3788)
Message boxes can have newline characters in the text argument (#3836)
Terrain texture painting is properly aligned with the original look (#3876)
'Goodbye' dialogue scripting function makes any additional choices act as Goodbye (#3897)
'RemoveSpellEffects' scripting instruction can remove permanently applied effects (#3920)
The correct magic projectile speed GMST is used in moving target aiming (#3948)
Animated collision shapes are no longer erroneously optimized (#3950)
Terrain texture blending map is upscaled to look closer to vanilla (#3993)
Reworked broken AI initial position return behaviour (#3997, #4251, #4393)
AI packages with a non-unique target no longer choose a random target with the same ID (#4036)
Version numbers are displayed properly in application properties on macOS (#4047)
Text after the last end-of-line tag is no longer shown in books, like in Morrowind (#4215)
Reworked 'FixMe' script instruction behaviour to be much closer to the original (#4217)
Softened the slope jumping restrictions, allowing the player to get stuck less (#4221)
Pathgrid nodes further than the target of an actor are ignored (#4230)
Actors standing in the same spot as the target position of an AiTravel package no longer cause the actor with the package to get stuck (#4230)
Activate key can no longer be held down to spam Persuasion and other kinds of repeatable actions (#4260)
Turning animations no longer reset idle animations (#4271)
Pre-0.43.0 saved game death animations are now forward-compatible (#4274)
'CenterOnCell' script instruction teleports the player to the accurate door marker and exterior position (#4292)
Faction members are aware of faction ownerships in barter (#4293)
AiWander can be in the AI package list before an AiFollow package without overriding AiFollow vital functionality (#4304)
Key focus in containers is no longer changed from Close button to Take All button making it harder to accidentally steal the items (#4333)
Spellcasting stance transition no longer interrupts movement animation (#4358)
Settings window OK button has key focus by default (#4368)
Invalid on-self Absorb spells no longer "work" (#4378)
Prevented more potential crashes due to non-audio file playback (#4416)
When there is a NiStringExtraData node with MRK value in a NIF model node, only Tri EditorMarker shapes are ignored instead of the whole nodes (#4419)
Reworked incorrect 'RotateWorld' scripting instruction implementation (#4426)
Some issues with building OpenMW on Windows and macOS were fixed (#4429, #4613)
'Lock' scripting instruction with 0 argument can create unbreakable locks like in Morrowind (#4431)
Actors without any AI packages now return to their initial position properly (#4432)
Guards no longer attempt to arrest the player if they observed a crime but didn't report it due to zero Alarm (#4433)
Begin and End script keywords can have a comma after them (#4451)
Default terrain texture no longer bleeds in terrain texture blending transitions (#4452)
Broken items are no longer attempted to be equipped due to quick key press (#4453)
AI opens doors more quickly (#4454)
Light sources with CanCarry flag disabled no longer prevent AI shield autoequipment (#4457)
Fixed idle chance handling in AiWander package (#4458)
'NotCell' dialogue condition now supports partial name matches (#4459)
Scripted equipment now bypasses most standard equipping restrictions (#4460)
Non-player Open spell spellcasting triggers a player crime event if the player is detected for vanilla crime compatibility (#4461)
General (%g) number formatting now works like in Morrowind and handles the fractional part properly (#4463)
Cancelled AI packages are removed from the package cache (#4464)
Non-ASCII strings are handled properly in the content selector and the ESM reader (#4467, #4653)
Silt striders in abot's Silt Striders mod no longer rotate incorrectly (#4469)
Reworked behaviour of non-bipedal creatures that use weapons, no longer making them helpless in certain situations (#4470)
Actors fall back to their regular record head when vampire head can't be recovered (#4474)
Scripted animations no longer cause movement (#4475)
Prevented a potential crash in quick keys menu when an item is no longer available in the inventory (#4480)
'Goodbye' dialogue scripting instruction blocks dialogue hyperlinks (#4489)
'PositionCell' scripting instruction no longer tries to add local scripts to scripted items in the teleported player's inventory twice (#4490)
Training cap is now limited by the trainer's modified skill, not base skill (#4494)
Crossbow reloading animation no longer applies to the lower body (#4495)
One-handed weapon animations are used as a fallback for missing crossbow animations (#4495)
Spellcasting stance turning animations are properly used (#4496)
Animated meshes without slashes in the path to them can properly be classified as animations (#4497)
Scripted spellcasting no longer increases Alteration skill (#4503)
Fixed a potential zero division issue in Fatigue recalculations (#4510)
Knocked down player is no longer able to move willingly or sometimes unwillingly in first person view (#4519)
Fixed some sun specularity water shader issues (#4527)
Idle animations are properly disabled whenever movement animations are used without idle fallback (#4531)
Underwater sound effects are always toggled based on camera position (#4532)
Inventory player paper doll is scaled properly with the UI (#4539)
Items with 'OnActivate' function present in the script such as "cursed" items no longer visually disappear when they are picked up with inventory open (#4543)
Creatures no longer incorrectly flee from werewolves (#4545)
Zero minimum and maximum sound ranges are reset to the default ranges separately (#4551)
Non-actor objects can no longer have a dialogue window open via scripting (#4553)
Topics with reserved names always have a special behaviour (#4557)
Fixed case sensitivity check of reserved node names in the optimizer (#4558)
Pinned windows are updated properly (#4560)
Fast travel logic always depends on the service actor cell type instead of the destination cell type (#4563)
Fixed broken underwater viewing distance limit (#4565)
Player character no longer uses headtracking in first person view as a temporary work-around for a different issue (#4573)
Improved handling of player turning animations (#4574)
Fixed some first person view weapon animation inconsistencies during movement (#4575)
Idle animations are no longer reset for no reason in most situations where they should be continuous (#4576)
Attack strength can now be 0 when the player spam-clicks the Attack button (#4591)
Incorrect <> operator no longer breaks script compilation (#4597)
The entire stack of gold can now be dragged from the ground with the mouse (#4604)
Animated collision shape scaling is no longer erroneously applied twice (#4607)
Fall damage is no longer erroneously applied twice (#4608)
Fixed instant magic effects pseudo-duration in spellmaking menu, making the final spell cost more accurate to vanilla (#4611)
NiFlipController without textures no longer causes a crash due to a zero division (#4614)
Light source flickering frequency and some light-related calculations were fixed (#4615)
First person view sneaking offset is now applied when the character is in air (#4617)
Sneaking is no longer possible while flying (#4618)
Failing recharging of enchanted items still grants Enchant experience, like in Morrowind (#4622)
NPC record reputation, disposition and faction rank variables are now unsigned (#4628)
Sneaking stance no longer affects speed if the actor is not actually sneaking (#4633)
Reworked incorrectly implemented 'GetPCJumping' scripting function (#4641)
%Name can now be used in creature dialogue (#4644)
Force-equipment of weapons resets ongoing attack animations (#4646)
Throwing weapons no longer have a "condition" in HUD (#4648)
Levelling up no longer fully restores health (#4649)
AI no longer backs up into walls and doesn't deliberately fall down from cliffs when backing up (#4656)
Enabling collision with 'ToggleCollision' (TCL) scripting instruction now snaps the player down (#4669)
Modified and not the base Alchemy skill is used to determine the number of known ingredient and potion effects (#4671)
Streamlined pitch factor handling for crossbow animations to be closer to Morrowind behavior (#4672)
Journal can no longer be opened while Settings window is open (#4674)
NPC fast travel destination records without any data no longer cause a crash upon loading the game (#4677)
Declared script variable list without any actual variable names similarly no longer causes a crash (#4678)
The chance of a successful spell absorption is now multiplicative, which is how the magic effect is designed in Morrowind (#4684)
Non-existent sound as an argument to 'Say' scripting instruction no longer breaks script compilation (#4685)
Fallback sound generator records are now utilized for many Morrowind creatures that lack unique sounds (#4689)
Loading progress bar can no longer obscure messageboxes and is instead moved to the centre of the screen (#4691)
Editor Bug Fixes:
Revert action updates subviews properly (#3249)
Native color picker is used on all systems, fixing major issues with it on macOS (#3681)
Undo/Redo actions are remapped properly (#4110)
Fixed instance dragging broken in 0.44.0 (#4593)
Skeleton of animated objects is initialized properly (#4654)
Light source colors are displayed as colored boxes and not numbers (#4668)
Command prompt window is no longer opened on Windows Release-mode builds automatically (#2490)
Skinning and AI optimizations (#4605, #4621)
Added support for Rapture3D OpenAL driver (#4606)
Revised OpenMW-CS record verifying functionality (#4643)

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rhtucker commented Dec 31, 2018

Unfortunately can't provide dev-level feedback on content, but raevol was asking for extra eyes, so these were the only things I took issue with:

Line 31: "hit chance-affecting" pairs chance and affecting in a way that makes it harder to understand without rereading a couple times. Suggest using "magic effects that affect hit chance".

Line 36: "using which" should be "use of which"

Line 52: add commas around ", such as magic effect lists,"

Line 69: What is this trying to say?

Line 86: Not incorrect (I think) but reads a little funny to me. Maybe change to "Implemented 'GetPCTraveling' scripting function (previously a placeholder)".

Line 87: I'm of the camp that newline is one word. I think this might make the sentence less ambiguous, although I admit the meaning is not truly ambiguous.

Line 149: Either the first "inventory" is a mistake or this sentence needs to be reworded to make more obvious sense.

Line 181: "up down from" sounds a little weird. I think "below" would be more commonly used than "down from" and makes the sentence make more immediate sense.

Also, I thought GitHub allowed people to comment directly on individual lines, making review much easier. I didn't see anything allowing this, so perhaps I just don't have the proper permissions, but if anyone knows how I'm all ears.

Good job! That's a huge list!


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Capostrophic commented Jan 4, 2019


I think "below" would be more commonly used than "down from" and makes the sentence make more immediate sense.

More immediate incorrect sense (the meaning was not that they don't back up into the lower parts of a cliff - rather that they don't try to fall down from the cliff). I've reworded the entry.

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