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PayloadBruteforce - Alpha release example, simplistic, stupid.
require 'openssl'
require 'digest/sha2'
# This encryption/decryption routine is borrowed from someplace online, I will annotate where later, but the basis of the encryption/decryption is typical openssl useage in Ruby from what I can gather.
payload = "puts 'Plans for Blofelds newest Doomsday Device. This is top secret!'"# 99,9% of the text is in tact a stray " ' " was causing me issue, so I removed it, and the puts is obviously for testing execution. This was left in tact to aid in verifying where the encryption/decryption routine was from.
sha256 =
aes ="AES-256-CFB")
key = sha256.digest("15") #Set this to be something simple and so it could overshoot to prove it was not just sequential.
#IV Was left out as this is just to prove the feasability. In actuality it could be randomized as much as wanted.
aes.key = key
encrypted_data = aes.update(payload) +
x = rand(1..20).to_s #Will search randomly every iteration for a number between 1-20. Note: This HAS to be passed as a string to the Hasher apparently.
puts x #Showing off so you can see some hilarity and check how many loops it went through and prove it hops around.
aes.key = key = sha256.digest(x)
tester = aes.update(encrypted_data) +
puts tester #Prints out the 'decrypted' string so we can see what each value puts to.
eval(tester) #This is very crucial, it attempts to execute the 'decrypted' string. Proving it can be done. While this is simply a 'put' you could do a lot more, and even execute C/Java/ASM code from this point, and verify it's executeable by paresing the main line and executing that, or however you wish.
rescue Exception #Exception handling because most won't evaluate true.
retry #Sends back to top of loop.
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