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packages.config generated chocolateyGui.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<package id="7zip.install" version="9.38" />
<package id="adobereader" version="2015.007.20033" />
<package id="Atom" version="1.0.7" />
<package id="autohotkey.portable" version="" />
<package id="Brackets" version="1.4" />
<package id="ccleaner" version="5.10.5373" />
<package id="chocolatey" version="" />
<package id="ChocolateyGUI" version="0.13.1" />
<package id="DotNet4.5" version="4.5.20120822" />
<package id="dropbox" version="3.8.9" />
<package id="Evernote" version="" />
<package id="Firefox" version="41.0.1" />
<package id="flashplayerplugin" version="" />
<package id="gimp" version="" />
<package id="github" version="" />
<package id="google-chrome-x64" version="45.0.2454.101" />
<package id="GoogleChrome" version="45.0.2454.101" />
<package id="googledrive" version="1.24.9931.5480" />
<package id="GoogleJapaneseInput" version="" />
<package id="InkScape" version="0.91" />
<package id="iTunes" version="" />
<package id="jdk8" version="8.0.6001" />
<package id="MicrosoftSecurityEssentials" version="4.5.0216.0" />
<package id="netbeans" version="8.0.2" />
<package id="nodejs.install" version="4.1.2" />
<package id="Opera" version="32.0.1948.69" />
<package id="PowerShell" version="4.0.20141001" />
<package id="python" version="" />
<package id="qttabbar" version="1029.0" />
<package id="R.Project" version="3.2.1" />
<package id="R.Studio" version="0.98.994" />
<package id="ruby" version="2.1.6" />
<package id="skype" version="" />
<package id="virtualbox" version="" />
<package id="vlc" version="" />
<package id="ConEmu" version="" />
<package id="VisualStudio2015Community" version="14.0.23107.0" />
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