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The Eidolist

A Dungeon World class by Noé Falzon. CC BY-NC 4.0

The world is vast and infinite. It would take a million lifetimes to see it all. Yet some thurst for more adventure, more exotic calls. Beyond the world are other worlds. And in these worlds live strange beings, oblivious of our insignificant concerns.

Yet, once in a thousand years, an arcanist succeeds in making contact with the other planes, seeking unbelievable knowledge and strange company from the far reaches of the great unknown. Sometimes, they even bring something back with them.

Her "eidolon", she calls it. You ask me, that thing gives me the creeps. Every time it shows up, it looks different. Another arm, another mouth. The darned monster sometimes even shows up all jumbled, body parts sticking out where they shouldn't. What does it want really? Never heard it speak, but I can tell there's something wicked in its eyes.


Male: Bilkok, Trircik, Vanni, Hasgak, Trornesk, Alner, Assa, Ajyal, Zogy

Female: Dherro, Veruh, Naunge, Ljodfe, Unde, Sansi, Elsu, Inrea, Nekho, Jekmai


Choose one for each:

  • Absent eyes, Frowning eyes, Vivid eyes
  • Bald, Braided hair, Felt hat
  • Tight leather suit, Arcane robes, Noble garment
  • Puny body, Slender body, Awkward body


Your maximum HP is 6+Constitution.

Your base damage is d4.


Choose how you bonded with your eidolon:

Curious beast

At first contact, your eidolon got mildly interested in our world. When you summon your eidolon, take +1 to the roll, and it comes forth willingly. You cannot choose the option "your eidolon is entirely under your control", although it will usually answer your commands. Usually.

Arcanic shackles

When you first sensed the otherworldly entity, you compelled it into your service through complex and delicate arcane weaving. When you summon your eidolon, you may roll+Int instead of Cha. Be sure never to lighten your grip, though. The eidolon is waiting for the right moment to slip through the cracks of its shackles.


Choose an alignment:


Shape your eidolon specifically to overcome an obstacle at hand.


Release your control over the eidolon, just to see what happens.


Accept a sinister bargain from your eidolon.


  • X thinks I have no real control over my eidolon.
  • X believes my relationship with the eidolon to be counter-nature.
  • I suspect X to have a connection to the other planes.
  • Sometimes I wish I could control X the way I control my eidolon.
  • X is jealous of my pet.


Your load is 7+Str. You start with dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight). Choose your defenses:

  • leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
  • 3 healing potions

Choose your weapon:

  • Ragged bow (near, 2 weight), bundle of arrows (3 ammo, 1 weight) and dagger (hand, 1 weight)
  • Crossbow (near, +1 damage, reload, 3 weight) and bundle of bolts (3 ammo, 1 weight)

Choose one:

  • Adventuring gear (1 weight)
  • 2 antitoxins (0 weight) and bandages (0 weight)

Starting moves

Summon eidolon (Cha)

When you spend an hour or so summoning your eidolon from its plane of existence, choose any number of physical evolutions (including but not limited to limbs, feet, hands, hooves, paws, claws, pincers, maws, fangs, stingers, tails, heads, spikes, tentacles, horns, scales, fur, skin, eyes, ears, etc.), then roll+Cha. ✴On a 10+, choose 3. ✴On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • Swap two of your eidolon's ability bonuses
  • Your eidolon has +3 maximum HP
  • Your eidolon's damage die is d6
  • Your eidolon is entirely under your control
  • Your eidolon is shaped exactly as you desired

By default, your eidolon is of medium size, can only move on the ground (walk, slither, jump, etc.), and its damage die and stats are equal to yours. It has its own HP, which starts equal to your maximum HP. Its natural weapons have the tag close.

Your eidolon is immediately banished to its own plane at your command, when you are unconscious, or when its HP reaches 0.

When the summoning went well, and your eidolon is close enough to you (about hearing distance, although it doesn't need to actually hear you), it becomes an extension of yourself and executes your mental commands as if it was your own body. You can sense everything it senses. As your eidolon gets outs of range, you progressively lose your mind link and the eidolon is eventually banished.

Arcane familiarity (Int)

When you tap into your connection to other planes, choose an effect to bring forth:

  • Contact a being from another plane and ask a question. It must answer to the best of its ability.
  • Conjure up a small ball of matter or energy that you are familiar with, in your hands or nearby, and give it roughly the shape your desire. If relevant, this lets you deal damage to a target.
  • Summon a small monster. You do not have much control over what comes forth. It has 1 HP, has +1 for all stats and uses your damage die. It will follow your commands the best it can until it dies or you banish it.

Then roll+Int. ✴On a 10+, the effect happens. ✴On a 7-9, it happens, but choose one:

  • You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
  • The link to your eidolon is shaken, and you lose one of the choices you made when summoning it. If there were no choices left, the eidolon is banished.
  • You take 1d4 damage, ignoring armor.

Whatever came through stays until you dismiss it or you connect to the planes again.

Advanced Moves

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose from these moves.

David or Goliath*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it a different size: it gains the tags small and stealthy, or large and reach.

Puny pedestrians*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it a different mode of locomotion, regardless of its shape (although you may give it the appropriate elements, such as wings, gas pouches, gills, fins, etc.) Choose one:

  • flight
  • swim
  • burrow

Ether armor*

When you summon your eidolon, you can add +2 to its armor.

Claws and teeth from beyond*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it stronger natural weapons. The eidolon deals +1d4 damage and has +1 piercing.

Ethereal lifeforce*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it +4 maximum HP.


When you summon your eidolon, you can give it immunity to one type of energy (such as fire, ice, acid, lightning or sound).

Proficient summoner

When you summon your eidolon, you can choose one more option from the list.

Planar sensibility

When you discern realities and your eidolon taps into its extraplanar perception, you get to ask an additional question, even on a 6-.

Shield of flesh

When your eidolon is within touching distance, add its armor to yours.

Maker's call

When you mentally call your eidolon to your side, it teleports in an instant within touching distance.

Merge forms

When you plunge inside your eidolon, your physical form disappears and cannot be attacked or target of spells and effects. You can still control the eidolon and cast spells from within. If your eidolon is banished while your are inside of it, your are ejected and take b[2d10] damage from the reality dislocation. You can exit the eidolon and regain your physical form at any time.

Abundant source

When you conjure up matter or energy, there is enough to fill a barrel and if relevant, it deals +1d4 damage and has one these tags: forceful, stun or +1 piercing.

Monstrous apparition

When you summon a monster, it can be up to medium size, it has +1 HP for each level you have and does 1d6 damage.

More advanced moves

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves.

Void armor*

Replaces: Ether armor

When you summon your eidolon, you can add +4 to its armor.

Claws and teeth from even further*

Replaces: Claws and teeth from beyond

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it even stronger natural weapons. The eidolon deals +1d6 damage and has the tags +2 piercing. Choose also messy or forceful.

Heavy breather*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it a breath weapon (such as fire, ice, acid, lightning or sound). When the eidolon successfully Volleys with it, it deals +1d8 damage to a target and anyone in the way. The breath weapon has 3 ammo and is replenished whenever the eidolon is summoned. It has the tags near and reload.


When you summon your eidolon, you can give it the ability to touch an ally and sacrifice up to 2 HP per level, healing the touched ally for half of that amount.

Double trouble*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it the ability to attack with two of its natural weapons at the same time, dealing an additional 1d4 damage (the breath weapon cannot be used with this move).

Unnatural creation*

When you summon your eidolon, you can give it an unnatural appearance. It gains a tag such as shadowy, sickening, undead, occult, clockwork, ethereal, celestial, frightful, etc.

Requires: Maker's call

When you mentally direct your eidolon to a location within mind link range, it teleports there in an instant.


When you summon your eidolon, you can apply one of its evolutions to yourself instead, gaining the associated shape and/or ability. The evolution moves are indicated with a *.

When you widen your mind link to reach your life essence, you can transfer any number of HP from your eidolon to yourself, or from yourself to your eidolon. This can be done for instance at the exact moment one of you takes damage.


Requires: Maker's call

When you mentally direct your eidolon to take your place, you and it are immediately swapped.

Twin eidolon

Requires: Transfer

When you take the form of your eidolon, you copy all its evolutions, shape, ability bonuses and damage die. You and your possessions merge into its perfect twin and you lose all your own class moves, although you keep your own HP. The effect is ended at your will, or when the eidolon is banished, at which point you regain your form as it was before.

Terrifying monstrosity

Replaces: Monstrous apparition

When you summon a monster, it can be up to large, it has +2 HP for each level you have, and deals 1d8 damage. It can also have a useful adaptation.

Void bridge

When your eidolon is not summoned, and you open a portal between the planes, letting you and your companions step across, roll+the smallest bond you have in the group. ✴On a 10+, everything is fine. ✴On a 7-9, choose 2. ✴On a 6-, choose 1, in addition of what the GM says.

  • you are all the same as when you left
  • the portal sends all of you to the plane you intended
  • you are still bound to your eidolon
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