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We're a group of tech employees (@Catfish_Man, @jnadeau, @numist, @jauricchio, and @daagaak) interested in making sure
as many people as possible survive the current state of US politics. For each dollar we donate, our employer
will donate two. We're pooling our resources to do the same for you, so for each dollar you donate to the
orgs below, we'll also donate one dollar to those orgs, and our employer will donate two: quadruple your donation!
We have $45k set aside for this, so we'll keep matching donations until we've matched that much or 72 hours have passed.
You can send me a tweet/DM (@Catfish_Man) with a screenshot of evidence that you donated (receipt page, whatever works, we're not picky).
Southern Poverty Law Center
Council on American-Islamic Relations
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Planned Parenthood
National Lawyers Guild
National Center for Transgender Equality
Natural Resource Defense Council
Committee to Protect Journalists
Environmental Defense Fund
Innocence Project
Hack the Hood
Trevor Project
Lambda Legal
National Center for Lesbian Rights
Trans Lifeline
Union of Concerned Scientists
Transgender Law Center
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