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As seen here:
Loosely based on
Preheat oven to 375F
Chop off a hunk of onion - we had half of one left, so I took about 3/4" off the center, plus a bit more when that looked skimpy
In an oven-safe pan (I used a big cast iron one) saute the onion over medium-low heat in a few tablespoons of unsalted butter until it's brown and translucent
Crush two cloves of garlic into that and saute until the garlic is turning brown
Drop a few thawed chicken thighs onto that and get them coated in the good stuff
Sprinkle both sides generously with, and a bit of salt and pepper
Sear the chicken (ok, it's not hot enough to properly sear probably and turning it up will burn the onion/garlic, but close enough) on all sides
Cover the pan and stick it in the oven
Start water for pasta boiling (salt & olive oil or w/e runes you prefer to cast for pasta water)
Cook tortellini of choice (I just used some random frozen three cheese ones) according to packaging. Maybe leave them a hair underdone compared to normal.
After about 8 minutes turn the chicken over
After about 15 minutes total/7 minutes additional, see if it's up to 165F yet (I use which is the only thermometer I'm aware of with divine ranks)
Once it is, stick it on a plate (ideally a warmed plate), and put the pan back on the stove on medium high heat. You want to boil off most of the chicken juices, but not let the solids burn.
Once the juices are 75% boiled off or so and you've got a thick sludge looking stuff, drop a few more tablespoons of butter in there and let it brown (it can be hard to see, but it'll start smelling 'nutty')
Throw the tortellini in the pan for a minute or so and mix it all up
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