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import UI.NCurses
import Control.Monad (forM_)
import Data.Int
num_accross = 24
num_down = 9
colors = [ColorMagenta, ColorRed, ColorYellow, ColorGreen, ColorBlue, ColorCyan, ColorWhite, ColorBlack]
main = runCurses $ do
w <- defaultWindow
forM_ [(x,y) | x<-[0..num_accross], y<-[0..num_down]] $ \(x,y) ->
let colIndex = x*(num_down+1)+y+1
let my_color = Color (fromIntegral colIndex :: Int16)
defineColor my_color (x*36) 0 (y*110)
cid <- newColorID my_color ColorBlack (toInteger colIndex)
updateWindow w $ do
setColor cid
moveCursor (fromIntegral y) (fromIntegral x)
drawString ""
waitFor w (\ev -> ev == EventCharacter 'q' || ev == EventCharacter 'Q')
waitFor :: Window -> (Event -> Bool) -> Curses ()
waitFor w p = loop where
loop = do
ev <- getEvent w Nothing
case ev of
Nothing -> loop
Just ev' -> if p ev' then return () else loop
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