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An helper for using Font Awesome iconic font semantically, with image rendering and caching support
// erkanyildiz
// 20161026-1808+0900
// FontAwesome.h
#ifndef FontAwesome_h
#define FontAwesome_h
extern const struct FontAwesome
__unsafe_unretained NSString* glass;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* music;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* search;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mail;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* heart;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* heart_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* star;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* star_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* star_half;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* user;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* users;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* video;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* videocam;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* picture;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* camera;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* camera_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* th_large;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* th;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* th_list;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ok;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ok_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ok_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cancel;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cancel_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cancel_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* plus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* plus_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* minus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* minus_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* help_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* info_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* home;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* link;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* attach;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lock;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lock_open;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pin;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* eye;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* eye_off;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tag;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tags;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bookmark;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* flag;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* thumbs_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* thumbs_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* download;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* upload;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* forward;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* export;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pencil;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* edit;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* print;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* retweet;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* comment;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chat;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bell;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* attention;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* attention_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* location;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* trash_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* doc;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* folder;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* folder_open;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* phone;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cog;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cog_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wrench;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* basket;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calendar;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* login;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* logout;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* volume_off;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* volume_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* volume_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* headphones;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* clock;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* block;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* resize_full;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* resize_small;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* resize_vertical;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* resize_horizontal;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* zoom_in;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* zoom_out;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down_dir;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up_dir;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left_dir;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right_dir;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down_open;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left_open;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right_open;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up_open;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down_big;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left_big;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right_big;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up_big;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right_hand;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left_hand;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up_hand;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down_hand;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cw;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ccw;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* arrows_cw;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* shuffle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* play;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* play_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stop;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pause;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* to_end;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* to_end_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* to_start;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* to_start_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fast_fw;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fast_bw;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* eject;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* target;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* signal;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* award;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* inbox;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* globe;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cloud;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* flash;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* umbrella;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* flight;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* leaf;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* font;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bold;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* italic;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* text_height;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* text_width;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* align_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* align_center;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* align_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* align_justify;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* list;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* indent_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* indent_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* scissors;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* briefcase;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* off;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* road;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* list_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* qrcode;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* barcode;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* book;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* adjust;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tint;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* check;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* asterisk;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gift;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fire;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* magnet;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chart_bar;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* credit_card;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* floppy;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* megaphone;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* key;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* truck;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hammer;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lemon;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* move;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* link_ext;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* check_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bookmark_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* phone_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* twitter;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* facebook;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* github_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* rss;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hdd;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* certificate;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tasks;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* filter;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* resize_full_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* beaker;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* docs;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* blank;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* menu;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* list_bullet;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* list_numbered;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* strike;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* underline;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* table;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* magic;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pinterest_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pinterest_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gplus_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gplus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* money;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* columns;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mail_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* linkedin;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gauge;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* comment_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chat_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sitemap;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* paste;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lightbulb;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* exchange;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* download_cloud;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* upload_cloud;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* user_md;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stethoscope;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* suitcase;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bell_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* coffee;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* food;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* doc_text;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* building;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hospital;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ambulance;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* medkit;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fighter_jet;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* beer;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* h_sigh;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* plus_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_double_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_double_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_double_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_double_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* desktop;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* laptop;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tablet;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mobile;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* circle_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* quote_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* quote_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* spinner;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* circle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* reply;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* github;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* folder_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* folder_open_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* smile;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* frown;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* meh;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gamepad;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* keyboard;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* flag_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* flag_checkered;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* terminal;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* code;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* reply_all;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* star_half_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* direction;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* crop;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fork;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* unlink;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* help;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* info;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* attention_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* superscript;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* subscript;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* eraser;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* puzzle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mic;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mute;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* shield;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calendar_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* extinguisher;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* rocket;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* maxcdn;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_circled_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_circled_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_circled_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angle_circled_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* html5;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* css3;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* anchor;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lock_open_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bullseye;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ellipsis;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ellipsis_vert;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* rss_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* play_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ticket;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* minus_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* minus_squared_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* level_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* level_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ok_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pencil_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* link_ext_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* export_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* compass;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* expand;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* collapse;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* expand_right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* euro;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pound;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* dollar;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* rupee;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* yen;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* rouble;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* won;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bitcoin;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* doc_inv;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* doc_text_inv;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_name_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_name_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_alt_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_alt_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_number_up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sort_number_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* thumbs_up_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* thumbs_down_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* youtube_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* youtube;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* xing;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* xing_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* youtube_play;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* dropbox;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stackoverflow;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* instagram;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* flickr;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* adn;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bitbucket;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bitbucket_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tumblr;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tumblr_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* up;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* apple;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* windows;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* android;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* linux;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* dribbble;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* skype;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* foursquare;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* trello;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* female;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* male;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gittip;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sun;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* moon;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* box;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bug;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* vkontakte;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* weibo;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* renren;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pagelines;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stackexchange;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* right_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* left_circled2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* collapse_left;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* dot_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wheelchair;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* vimeo_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* try;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* plus_squared_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* space_shuttle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* slack;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mail_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wordpress;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* openid;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bank;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* graduation_cap;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* yahoo;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* google;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* reddit;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* reddit_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stumbleupon_circled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stumbleupon;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* delicious;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* digg;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pied_piper_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pied_piper_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* drupal;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* joomla;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* language;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fax;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* building_filled;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* child;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* paw;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* spoon;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cube;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cubes;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* behance;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* behance_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* steam;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* steam_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* recycle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cab;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* taxi;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tree;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* spotify;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* deviantart;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* soundcloud;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* database;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_pdf;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_word;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_excel;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_powerpoint;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_image;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_archive;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_audio;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_video;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* file_code;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* vine;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* codeopen;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* jsfiddle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lifebuoy;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* circle_notch;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* rebel;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* empire;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* git_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* git;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hacker_news;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tencent_weibo;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* qq;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wechat;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* paper_plane;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* paper_plane_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* history;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* circle_thin;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* header;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* paragraph;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sliders;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* share;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* share_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bomb;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* soccer_ball;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* binoculars;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* plug;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* slideshare;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* twitch;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* yelp;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* newspaper;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wifi;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calc;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* paypal;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gwallet;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_visa;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_mastercard;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_discover;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_amex;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_paypal;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_stripe;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bell_off;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bell_off_empty;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* trash;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* copyright;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* at;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* eyedropper;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* brush;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* birthday;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chart_area;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chart_pie;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chart_line;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lastfm;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* lastfm_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* toggle_off;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* toggle_on;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bicycle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ioxhost;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* angellist;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* shekel;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* meanpath;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* buysellads;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* connectdevelop;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* dashcube;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* forumbee;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* leanpub;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sellsy;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* shirtsinbulk;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* simplybuilt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* skyatlas;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cart_plus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cart_arrow_down;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* diamond;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* ship;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* user_secret;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* motorcycle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* street_view;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* heartbeat;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* venus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mars;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mercury;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* transgender;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* transgender_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* venus_double;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mars_double;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* venus_mars;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mars_stroke;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mars_stroke_v;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mars_stroke_h;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* neuter;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* genderless;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* facebook_official;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pinterest;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* whatsapp;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* server;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* user_plus;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* user_times;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bed;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* viacoin;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* train;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* subway;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* medium;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* y_combinator;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* optin_monster;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* opencart;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* expeditedssl;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* battery_4;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* battery_3;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* battery_2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* battery_1;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* battery_0;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mouse_pointer;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* i_cursor;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* object_group;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* object_ungroup;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sticky_note;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sticky_note_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_jcb;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* cc_diners_club;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* clone;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* balance_scale;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hourglass_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hourglass_1;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hourglass_2;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hourglass_3;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hourglass;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_grab_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_paper_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_scissors_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_lizard_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_spock_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_pointer_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hand_peace_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* trademark;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* registered;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* creative_commons;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gg;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gg_circle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* tripadvisor;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* odnoklassniki;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* odnoklassniki_square;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* get_pocket;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wikipedia_w;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* safari;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* chrome;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* firefox;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* opera;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* internet_explorer;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* television;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* contao;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* _500px;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* amazon;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calendar_plus_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calendar_minus_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calendar_times_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* calendar_check_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* industry;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* map_pin;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* map_signs;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* map_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* map;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* commenting;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* commenting_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* houzz;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* vimeo;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* black_tie;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fonticons;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* reddit_alien;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* edge;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* credit_card_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* codiepie;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* modx;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* fort_awesome;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* usb;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* product_hunt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* mixcloud;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* scribd;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pause_circle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pause_circle_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stop_circle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* stop_circle_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* shopping_bag;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* shopping_basket;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* hashtag;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bluetooth;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* bluetooth_b;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* percent;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* gitlab;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wpbeginner;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wpforms;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* envira;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* universal_access;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* wheelchair_alt;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* question_circle_o;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* blind;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* audio_description;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* volume_control_phone;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* braille;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* assistive_listening_systems;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sign_language_interpreting;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* asl_interpreting;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* glide;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* glide_g;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* sign_language;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* low_vision;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* viadeo;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* viadeo_square;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* snapchat;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* snapchat_ghost;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* snapchat_square;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* pied_piper;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* first_order;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* yoast;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* themeisle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* google_plus_circle;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* font_awesome;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* github_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* twitter_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* facebook_squared;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* linkedin_squared;
} FontAwesome;
#endif /* FontAwesome_h */
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface NSString (FontAwesome)
- (UIImage *)tabBarIcon;
- (UIImage *)navBarIcon;
- (UIImage *)imageForSize:(CGSize)size andColor:(UIColor *)color;
// erkanyildiz
// 20161026-1808+0900
// FontAwesome.m
#import "FontAwesome.h"
const struct FontAwesome FontAwesome =
.glass = @"\ue800",
.music = @"\ue801",
.search = @"\ue802",
.mail = @"\ue803",
.heart = @"\ue804",
.heart_empty = @"\ue805",
.star = @"\ue806",
.star_empty = @"\ue807",
.star_half = @"\ue808",
.user = @"\ue809",
.users = @"\ue80a",
.video = @"\ue80b",
.videocam = @"\ue80c",
.picture = @"\ue80d",
.camera = @"\ue80e",
.camera_alt = @"\ue80f",
.th_large = @"\ue810",
.th = @"\ue811",
.th_list = @"\ue812",
.ok = @"\ue813",
.ok_circled = @"\ue814",
.ok_circled2 = @"\ue815",
.cancel = @"\ue816",
.cancel_circled = @"\ue817",
.cancel_circled2 = @"\ue818",
.plus = @"\ue819",
.plus_circled = @"\ue81a",
.minus = @"\ue81b",
.minus_circled = @"\ue81c",
.help_circled = @"\ue81d",
.info_circled = @"\ue81e",
.home = @"\ue81f",
.link = @"\ue820",
.attach = @"\ue821",
.lock = @"\ue822",
.lock_open = @"\ue823",
.pin = @"\ue824",
.eye = @"\ue825",
.eye_off = @"\ue826",
.tag = @"\ue827",
.tags = @"\ue828",
.bookmark = @"\ue829",
.flag = @"\ue82a",
.thumbs_up = @"\ue82b",
.thumbs_down = @"\ue82c",
.download = @"\ue82d",
.upload = @"\ue82e",
.forward = @"\ue82f",
.export = @"\ue830",
.pencil = @"\ue831",
.edit = @"\ue832",
.print = @"\ue833",
.retweet = @"\ue834",
.comment = @"\ue835",
.chat = @"\ue836",
.bell = @"\ue837",
.attention = @"\ue838",
.attention_circled = @"\ue839",
.location = @"\ue83a",
.trash_empty = @"\ue83b",
.doc = @"\ue83c",
.folder = @"\ue83d",
.folder_open = @"\ue83e",
.phone = @"\ue83f",
.cog = @"\ue840",
.cog_alt = @"\ue841",
.wrench = @"\ue842",
.basket = @"\ue843",
.calendar = @"\ue844",
.login = @"\ue845",
.logout = @"\ue846",
.volume_off = @"\ue847",
.volume_down = @"\ue848",
.volume_up = @"\ue849",
.headphones = @"\ue84a",
.clock = @"\ue84b",
.block = @"\ue84c",
.resize_full = @"\ue84d",
.resize_small = @"\ue84e",
.resize_vertical = @"\ue84f",
.resize_horizontal = @"\ue850",
.zoom_in = @"\ue851",
.zoom_out = @"\ue852",
.down_circled2 = @"\ue853",
.up_circled2 = @"\ue854",
.down_dir = @"\ue855",
.up_dir = @"\ue856",
.left_dir = @"\ue857",
.right_dir = @"\ue858",
.down_open = @"\ue859",
.left_open = @"\ue85a",
.right_open = @"\ue85b",
.up_open = @"\ue85c",
.down_big = @"\ue85d",
.left_big = @"\ue85e",
.right_big = @"\ue85f",
.up_big = @"\ue860",
.right_hand = @"\ue861",
.left_hand = @"\ue862",
.up_hand = @"\ue863",
.down_hand = @"\ue864",
.cw = @"\ue865",
.ccw = @"\ue866",
.arrows_cw = @"\ue867",
.shuffle = @"\ue868",
.play = @"\ue869",
.play_circled2 = @"\ue86a",
.stop = @"\ue86b",
.pause = @"\ue86c",
.to_end = @"\ue86d",
.to_end_alt = @"\ue86e",
.to_start = @"\ue86f",
.to_start_alt = @"\ue870",
.fast_fw = @"\ue871",
.fast_bw = @"\ue872",
.eject = @"\ue873",
.target = @"\ue874",
.signal = @"\ue875",
.award = @"\ue876",
.inbox = @"\ue877",
.globe = @"\ue878",
.cloud = @"\ue879",
.flash = @"\ue87a",
.umbrella = @"\ue87b",
.flight = @"\ue87c",
.leaf = @"\ue87d",
.font = @"\ue87e",
.bold = @"\ue87f",
.italic = @"\ue880",
.text_height = @"\ue881",
.text_width = @"\ue882",
.align_left = @"\ue883",
.align_center = @"\ue884",
.align_right = @"\ue885",
.align_justify = @"\ue886",
.list = @"\ue887",
.indent_left = @"\ue888",
.indent_right = @"\ue889",
.scissors = @"\ue88a",
.briefcase = @"\ue88b",
.off = @"\ue88c",
.road = @"\ue88d",
.list_alt = @"\ue88e",
.qrcode = @"\ue88f",
.barcode = @"\ue890",
.book = @"\ue891",
.adjust = @"\ue892",
.tint = @"\ue893",
.check = @"\ue894",
.asterisk = @"\ue895",
.gift = @"\ue896",
.fire = @"\ue897",
.magnet = @"\ue898",
.chart_bar = @"\ue899",
.credit_card = @"\ue89a",
.floppy = @"\ue89b",
.megaphone = @"\ue89c",
.key = @"\ue89d",
.truck = @"\ue89e",
.hammer = @"\ue89f",
.lemon = @"\ue8a0",
.move = @"\uf047",
.link_ext = @"\uf08e",
.check_empty = @"\uf096",
.bookmark_empty = @"\uf097",
.phone_squared = @"\uf098",
.twitter = @"\uf099",
.facebook = @"\uf09a",
.github_circled = @"\uf09b",
.rss = @"\uf09e",
.hdd = @"\uf0a0",
.certificate = @"\uf0a3",
.left_circled = @"\uf0a8",
.right_circled = @"\uf0a9",
.up_circled = @"\uf0aa",
.down_circled = @"\uf0ab",
.tasks = @"\uf0ae",
.filter = @"\uf0b0",
.resize_full_alt = @"\uf0b2",
.beaker = @"\uf0c3",
.docs = @"\uf0c5",
.blank = @"\uf0c8",
.menu = @"\uf0c9",
.list_bullet = @"\uf0ca",
.list_numbered = @"\uf0cb",
.strike = @"\uf0cc",
.underline = @"\uf0cd",
.table = @"\uf0ce",
.magic = @"\uf0d0",
.pinterest_circled = @"\uf0d2",
.pinterest_squared = @"\uf0d3",
.gplus_squared = @"\uf0d4",
.gplus = @"\uf0d5",
.money = @"\uf0d6",
.columns = @"\uf0db",
.sort = @"\uf0dc",
.sort_down = @"\uf0dd",
.sort_up = @"\uf0de",
.mail_alt = @"\uf0e0",
.linkedin = @"\uf0e1",
.gauge = @"\uf0e4",
.comment_empty = @"\uf0e5",
.chat_empty = @"\uf0e6",
.sitemap = @"\uf0e8",
.paste = @"\uf0ea",
.lightbulb = @"\uf0eb",
.exchange = @"\uf0ec",
.download_cloud = @"\uf0ed",
.upload_cloud = @"\uf0ee",
.user_md = @"\uf0f0",
.stethoscope = @"\uf0f1",
.suitcase = @"\uf0f2",
.bell_alt = @"\uf0f3",
.coffee = @"\uf0f4",
.food = @"\uf0f5",
.doc_text = @"\uf0f6",
.building = @"\uf0f7",
.hospital = @"\uf0f8",
.ambulance = @"\uf0f9",
.medkit = @"\uf0fa",
.fighter_jet = @"\uf0fb",
.beer = @"\uf0fc",
.h_sigh = @"\uf0fd",
.plus_squared = @"\uf0fe",
.angle_double_left = @"\uf100",
.angle_double_right = @"\uf101",
.angle_double_up = @"\uf102",
.angle_double_down = @"\uf103",
.angle_left = @"\uf104",
.angle_right = @"\uf105",
.angle_up = @"\uf106",
.angle_down = @"\uf107",
.desktop = @"\uf108",
.laptop = @"\uf109",
.tablet = @"\uf10a",
.mobile = @"\uf10b",
.circle_empty = @"\uf10c",
.quote_left = @"\uf10d",
.quote_right = @"\uf10e",
.spinner = @"\uf110",
.circle = @"\uf111",
.reply = @"\uf112",
.github = @"\uf113",
.folder_empty = @"\uf114",
.folder_open_empty = @"\uf115",
.smile = @"\uf118",
.frown = @"\uf119",
.meh = @"\uf11a",
.gamepad = @"\uf11b",
.keyboard = @"\uf11c",
.flag_empty = @"\uf11d",
.flag_checkered = @"\uf11e",
.terminal = @"\uf120",
.code = @"\uf121",
.reply_all = @"\uf122",
.star_half_alt = @"\uf123",
.direction = @"\uf124",
.crop = @"\uf125",
.fork = @"\uf126",
.unlink = @"\uf127",
.help = @"\uf128",
.info = @"\uf129",
.attention_alt = @"\uf12a",
.superscript = @"\uf12b",
.subscript = @"\uf12c",
.eraser = @"\uf12d",
.puzzle = @"\uf12e",
.mic = @"\uf130",
.mute = @"\uf131",
.shield = @"\uf132",
.calendar_empty = @"\uf133",
.extinguisher = @"\uf134",
.rocket = @"\uf135",
.maxcdn = @"\uf136",
.angle_circled_left = @"\uf137",
.angle_circled_right = @"\uf138",
.angle_circled_up = @"\uf139",
.angle_circled_down = @"\uf13a",
.html5 = @"\uf13b",
.css3 = @"\uf13c",
.anchor = @"\uf13d",
.lock_open_alt = @"\uf13e",
.bullseye = @"\uf140",
.ellipsis = @"\uf141",
.ellipsis_vert = @"\uf142",
.rss_squared = @"\uf143",
.play_circled = @"\uf144",
.ticket = @"\uf145",
.minus_squared = @"\uf146",
.minus_squared_alt = @"\uf147",
.level_up = @"\uf148",
.level_down = @"\uf149",
.ok_squared = @"\uf14a",
.pencil_squared = @"\uf14b",
.link_ext_alt = @"\uf14c",
.export_alt = @"\uf14d",
.compass = @"\uf14e",
.expand = @"\uf150",
.collapse = @"\uf151",
.expand_right = @"\uf152",
.euro = @"\uf153",
.pound = @"\uf154",
.dollar = @"\uf155",
.rupee = @"\uf156",
.yen = @"\uf157",
.rouble = @"\uf158",
.won = @"\uf159",
.bitcoin = @"\uf15a",
.doc_inv = @"\uf15b",
.doc_text_inv = @"\uf15c",
.sort_name_up = @"\uf15d",
.sort_name_down = @"\uf15e",
.sort_alt_up = @"\uf160",
.sort_alt_down = @"\uf161",
.sort_number_up = @"\uf162",
.sort_number_down = @"\uf163",
.thumbs_up_alt = @"\uf164",
.thumbs_down_alt = @"\uf165",
.youtube_squared = @"\uf166",
.youtube = @"\uf167",
.xing = @"\uf168",
.xing_squared = @"\uf169",
.youtube_play = @"\uf16a",
.dropbox = @"\uf16b",
.stackoverflow = @"\uf16c",
.instagram = @"\uf16d",
.flickr = @"\uf16e",
.adn = @"\uf170",
.bitbucket = @"\uf171",
.bitbucket_squared = @"\uf172",
.tumblr = @"\uf173",
.tumblr_squared = @"\uf174",
.down = @"\uf175",
.up = @"\uf176",
.left = @"\uf177",
.right = @"\uf178",
.apple = @"\uf179",
.windows = @"\uf17a",
.android = @"\uf17b",
.linux = @"\uf17c",
.dribbble = @"\uf17d",
.skype = @"\uf17e",
.foursquare = @"\uf180",
.trello = @"\uf181",
.female = @"\uf182",
.male = @"\uf183",
.gittip = @"\uf184",
.sun = @"\uf185",
.moon = @"\uf186",
.box = @"\uf187",
.bug = @"\uf188",
.vkontakte = @"\uf189",
.weibo = @"\uf18a",
.renren = @"\uf18b",
.pagelines = @"\uf18c",
.stackexchange = @"\uf18d",
.right_circled2 = @"\uf18e",
.left_circled2 = @"\uf190",
.collapse_left = @"\uf191",
.dot_circled = @"\uf192",
.wheelchair = @"\uf193",
.vimeo_squared = @"\uf194",
.try = @"\uf195",
.plus_squared_alt = @"\uf196",
.space_shuttle = @"\uf197",
.slack = @"\uf198",
.mail_squared = @"\uf199",
.wordpress = @"\uf19a",
.openid = @"\uf19b",
.bank = @"\uf19c",
.graduation_cap = @"\uf19d",
.yahoo = @"\uf19e",
.google = @"\uf1a0",
.reddit = @"\uf1a1",
.reddit_squared = @"\uf1a2",
.stumbleupon_circled = @"\uf1a3",
.stumbleupon = @"\uf1a4",
.delicious = @"\uf1a5",
.digg = @"\uf1a6",
.pied_piper_squared = @"\uf1a7",
.pied_piper_alt = @"\uf1a8",
.drupal = @"\uf1a9",
.joomla = @"\uf1aa",
.language = @"\uf1ab",
.fax = @"\uf1ac",
.building_filled = @"\uf1ad",
.child = @"\uf1ae",
.paw = @"\uf1b0",
.spoon = @"\uf1b1",
.cube = @"\uf1b2",
.cubes = @"\uf1b3",
.behance = @"\uf1b4",
.behance_squared = @"\uf1b5",
.steam = @"\uf1b6",
.steam_squared = @"\uf1b7",
.recycle = @"\uf1b8",
.cab = @"\uf1b9",
.taxi = @"\uf1ba",
.tree = @"\uf1bb",
.spotify = @"\uf1bc",
.deviantart = @"\uf1bd",
.soundcloud = @"\uf1be",
.database = @"\uf1c0",
.file_pdf = @"\uf1c1",
.file_word = @"\uf1c2",
.file_excel = @"\uf1c3",
.file_powerpoint = @"\uf1c4",
.file_image = @"\uf1c5",
.file_archive = @"\uf1c6",
.file_audio = @"\uf1c7",
.file_video = @"\uf1c8",
.file_code = @"\uf1c9",
.vine = @"\uf1ca",
.codeopen = @"\uf1cb",
.jsfiddle = @"\uf1cc",
.lifebuoy = @"\uf1cd",
.circle_notch = @"\uf1ce",
.rebel = @"\uf1d0",
.empire = @"\uf1d1",
.git_squared = @"\uf1d2",
.git = @"\uf1d3",
.hacker_news = @"\uf1d4",
.tencent_weibo = @"\uf1d5",
.qq = @"\uf1d6",
.wechat = @"\uf1d7",
.paper_plane = @"\uf1d8",
.paper_plane_empty = @"\uf1d9",
.history = @"\uf1da",
.circle_thin = @"\uf1db",
.header = @"\uf1dc",
.paragraph = @"\uf1dd",
.sliders = @"\uf1de",
.share = @"\uf1e0",
.share_squared = @"\uf1e1",
.bomb = @"\uf1e2",
.soccer_ball = @"\uf1e3",
.tty = @"\uf1e4",
.binoculars = @"\uf1e5",
.plug = @"\uf1e6",
.slideshare = @"\uf1e7",
.twitch = @"\uf1e8",
.yelp = @"\uf1e9",
.newspaper = @"\uf1ea",
.wifi = @"\uf1eb",
.calc = @"\uf1ec",
.paypal = @"\uf1ed",
.gwallet = @"\uf1ee",
.cc_visa = @"\uf1f0",
.cc_mastercard = @"\uf1f1",
.cc_discover = @"\uf1f2",
.cc_amex = @"\uf1f3",
.cc_paypal = @"\uf1f4",
.cc_stripe = @"\uf1f5",
.bell_off = @"\uf1f6",
.bell_off_empty = @"\uf1f7",
.trash = @"\uf1f8",
.copyright = @"\uf1f9",
.at = @"\uf1fa",
.eyedropper = @"\uf1fb",
.brush = @"\uf1fc",
.birthday = @"\uf1fd",
.chart_area = @"\uf1fe",
.chart_pie = @"\uf200",
.chart_line = @"\uf201",
.lastfm = @"\uf202",
.lastfm_squared = @"\uf203",
.toggle_off = @"\uf204",
.toggle_on = @"\uf205",
.bicycle = @"\uf206",
.bus = @"\uf207",
.ioxhost = @"\uf208",
.angellist = @"\uf209",
.cc = @"\uf20a",
.shekel = @"\uf20b",
.meanpath = @"\uf20c",
.buysellads = @"\uf20d",
.connectdevelop = @"\uf20e",
.dashcube = @"\uf210",
.forumbee = @"\uf211",
.leanpub = @"\uf212",
.sellsy = @"\uf213",
.shirtsinbulk = @"\uf214",
.simplybuilt = @"\uf215",
.skyatlas = @"\uf216",
.cart_plus = @"\uf217",
.cart_arrow_down = @"\uf218",
.diamond = @"\uf219",
.ship = @"\uf21a",
.user_secret = @"\uf21b",
.motorcycle = @"\uf21c",
.street_view = @"\uf21d",
.heartbeat = @"\uf21e",
.venus = @"\uf221",
.mars = @"\uf222",
.mercury = @"\uf223",
.transgender = @"\uf224",
.transgender_alt = @"\uf225",
.venus_double = @"\uf226",
.mars_double = @"\uf227",
.venus_mars = @"\uf228",
.mars_stroke = @"\uf229",
.mars_stroke_v = @"\uf22a",
.mars_stroke_h = @"\uf22b",
.neuter = @"\uf22c",
.genderless = @"\uf22d",
.facebook_official = @"\uf230",
.pinterest = @"\uf231",
.whatsapp = @"\uf232",
.server = @"\uf233",
.user_plus = @"\uf234",
.user_times = @"\uf235",
.bed = @"\uf236",
.viacoin = @"\uf237",
.train = @"\uf238",
.subway = @"\uf239",
.medium = @"\uf23a",
.y_combinator = @"\uf23b",
.optin_monster = @"\uf23c",
.opencart = @"\uf23d",
.expeditedssl = @"\uf23e",
.battery_4 = @"\uf240",
.battery_3 = @"\uf241",
.battery_2 = @"\uf242",
.battery_1 = @"\uf243",
.battery_0 = @"\uf244",
.mouse_pointer = @"\uf245",
.i_cursor = @"\uf246",
.object_group = @"\uf247",
.object_ungroup = @"\uf248",
.sticky_note = @"\uf249",
.sticky_note_o = @"\uf24a",
.cc_jcb = @"\uf24b",
.cc_diners_club = @"\uf24c",
.clone = @"\uf24d",
.balance_scale = @"\uf24e",
.hourglass_o = @"\uf250",
.hourglass_1 = @"\uf251",
.hourglass_2 = @"\uf252",
.hourglass_3 = @"\uf253",
.hourglass = @"\uf254",
.hand_grab_o = @"\uf255",
.hand_paper_o = @"\uf256",
.hand_scissors_o = @"\uf257",
.hand_lizard_o = @"\uf258",
.hand_spock_o = @"\uf259",
.hand_pointer_o = @"\uf25a",
.hand_peace_o = @"\uf25b",
.trademark = @"\uf25c",
.registered = @"\uf25d",
.creative_commons = @"\uf25e",
.gg = @"\uf260",
.gg_circle = @"\uf261",
.tripadvisor = @"\uf262",
.odnoklassniki = @"\uf263",
.odnoklassniki_square = @"\uf264",
.get_pocket = @"\uf265",
.wikipedia_w = @"\uf266",
.safari = @"\uf267",
.chrome = @"\uf268",
.firefox = @"\uf269",
.opera = @"\uf26a",
.internet_explorer = @"\uf26b",
.television = @"\uf26c",
.contao = @"\uf26d",
._500px = @"\uf26e",
.amazon = @"\uf270",
.calendar_plus_o = @"\uf271",
.calendar_minus_o = @"\uf272",
.calendar_times_o = @"\uf273",
.calendar_check_o = @"\uf274",
.industry = @"\uf275",
.map_pin = @"\uf276",
.map_signs = @"\uf277",
.map_o = @"\uf278",
.map = @"\uf279",
.commenting = @"\uf27a",
.commenting_o = @"\uf27b",
.houzz = @"\uf27c",
.vimeo = @"\uf27d",
.black_tie = @"\uf27e",
.fonticons = @"\uf280",
.reddit_alien = @"\uf281",
.edge = @"\uf282",
.credit_card_alt = @"\uf283",
.codiepie = @"\uf284",
.modx = @"\uf285",
.fort_awesome = @"\uf286",
.usb = @"\uf287",
.product_hunt = @"\uf288",
.mixcloud = @"\uf289",
.scribd = @"\uf28a",
.pause_circle = @"\uf28b",
.pause_circle_o = @"\uf28c",
.stop_circle = @"\uf28d",
.stop_circle_o = @"\uf28e",
.shopping_bag = @"\uf290",
.shopping_basket = @"\uf291",
.hashtag = @"\uf292",
.bluetooth = @"\uf293",
.bluetooth_b = @"\uf294",
.percent = @"\uf295",
.gitlab = @"\uf296",
.wpbeginner = @"\uf297",
.wpforms = @"\uf298",
.envira = @"\uf299",
.universal_access = @"\uf29a",
.wheelchair_alt = @"\uf29b",
.question_circle_o = @"\uf29c",
.blind = @"\uf29d",
.audio_description = @"\uf29e",
.volume_control_phone = @"\uf2a0",
.braille = @"\uf2a1",
.assistive_listening_systems = @"\uf2a2",
.sign_language_interpreting = @"\uf2a3",
.asl_interpreting = @"\uf2a4",
.glide = @"\uf2a5",
.glide_g = @"\uf2a6",
.sign_language = @"\uf2a7",
.low_vision = @"\uf2a8",
.viadeo = @"\uf2a9",
.viadeo_square = @"\uf2aa",
.snapchat = @"\uf2ab",
.snapchat_ghost = @"\uf2ac",
.snapchat_square = @"\uf2ad",
.pied_piper = @"\uf2ae",
.first_order = @"\uf2b0",
.yoast = @"\uf2b1",
.themeisle = @"\uf2b2",
.google_plus_circle = @"\uf2b3",
.font_awesome = @"\uf2b4",
.github_squared = @"\uf300",
.twitter_squared = @"\uf304",
.facebook_squared = @"\uf308",
.linkedin_squared = @"\uf30c"
NSCache* shared_cache()
static NSCache *s_sharedInstance = nil;
static dispatch_once_t onceToken;
dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{s_sharedInstance =;});
return s_sharedInstance;
@implementation NSString (FontAwesome)
- (UIImage *)tabBarIcon
return [self imageForSize:(CGSize){24,24} andColor:UIColor.blackColor];
- (UIImage *)navBarIcon
return [self imageForSize:(CGSize){22,22} andColor:UIColor.blackColor];
- (UIImage *)imageForSize:(CGSize)size andColor:(UIColor *)color
CGFloat oR, oG, oB, oA;
[color getRed:&oR green:&oG blue:&oB alpha:&oA];
NSString* cacheKey = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@_%gx%g_%i,%i,%i", self, size.width, size.height, (int)oR*255, (int)oG*255, (int)oB*255];
NSCache* cache = shared_cache();
UIImage* cachedImage = [cache objectForKey:cacheKey];
return cachedImage;
UILabel *l = [UILabel.alloc initWithFrame:(CGRect){0,0,size}];
l.textAlignment = NSTextAlignmentCenter;
l.baselineAdjustment = UIBaselineAdjustmentAlignCenters;
l.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"FontAwesome" size:size.height];
l.backgroundColor = UIColor.clearColor;
l.textColor = color;
l.text = self;
UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(size, NO, UIScreen.mainScreen.scale);
[UIColor.clearColor set];
[l.layer renderInContext:UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()];
UIImage* image = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();
[cache setObject:image forKey:cacheKey];
return image;
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