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Leonardo CavalcanteLeo

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CavalcanteLeo / range_selection_save_restore.js
Created Oct 7, 2020 — forked from timdown/range_selection_save_restore.js
Range and selection marker-element-based save and restore
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* This is ported from Rangy's selection save and restore module and has no dependencies.
* Copyright 2019, Tim Down
* Licensed under the MIT license.
* Documentation:
* Use "rangeSelectionSaveRestore" instead of "rangy"
var rangeSelectionSaveRestore = (function() {
var markerTextChar = "\ufeff";
CavalcanteLeo / build-and-release.yml
Created Sep 25, 2020 — forked from gauravssnl/build-and-release.yml
GitHub Actions workflow to build Flutter app and create Release, put this file under `.github/workflows` folder.
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- master
name: Build and Release Apps
name: Build Apps
runs-on: macos-latest
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"id": "aaron-bond.better-comments",
"name": "better-comments",
"publisher": "aaron-bond",
"version": "2.1.0"
"id": "AbhijoyBasak.nestjs-files",
"name": "nestjs-files",
CavalcanteLeo / capitulo1.rst
Created Feb 12, 2020 — forked from rodrigomanhaes/capitulo1.rst
Resumo do livro Agile Estimating and Planning, de Mike Cohn
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Mike Cohn

CHAPTER 1. The Purpose of Planning

Plans help to guide investment decisions (this project is worth to begin?), know who needs to be available to work on a project during a given period and know if a project is on track.

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bold=$(tput bold)
normal=$(tput sgr0)
original_dir_size=$(du -sh | awk '{print $1}');
for file in $files
CavalcanteLeo / RemoteImageManager.h
Created Dec 21, 2017
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#import "PINRemoteImageManager.h"
@interface RemoteImageManager : PINRemoteImageManager
+ (instancetype)sharedImageManager;
typedef void (^PINRemoteImageManagerImagePercentageProgressBlock)(float percent);
- (NSUUID *)downloadImageWithURL:(NSURL *)url
CavalcanteLeo / gist:a79e642123664ae928729357caf84ba4
Created Oct 10, 2017 — forked from ichord/gist:9808444
demo of using pdf.js to extract pages to images
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<script src=""></script><html>
Created using
Source can be edited via
<canvas id="the-canvas" style="border:1px solid black"></canvas>
<input id='pdf' type='file'/>
<!-- Use latest PDF.js build from Github -->
CavalcanteLeo / BDHost.m
Created Sep 6, 2017 — forked from amcgregor/BDHost.m
Useful Objective-C methods, classes, objects, and categories. Basically a snippit collection.
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// From:
// MIT license
// Remember to add CFNetwork.framework to your project using Add=>Existing Frameworks.
#import "BDHost.h"
#import <CFNetwork/CFNetwork.h>
#import <netinet/in.h>
#import <netdb.h>
#import <ifaddrs.h>
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// BaseTabBarController.h
// WeCareWealthManagement
// Created by Leo Cavalcante on 24/07/17.
// Copyright © 2017 Kiddo. All rights reserved.
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
CavalcanteLeo / states-by-countries.js
Created Jul 23, 2017 — forked from a-voronov/states-by-countries.js
Countries and their subdivisions based on ISO 3166-1:2013
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// countries, states and subdivisions were generated relying on next documents:
var countriesAndStates = [
{"Country":"AD","State":"La Massana"},
{"Country":"AD","State":"Sant Julià de Lòria"},