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//Here is how to simply retreive the value of and ADF Binding from the view El Expression :
//Below is a view example with values taken from an ADF View Object
<af:inputText id="it1" autoSubmit="true" value="#{bindings.YOUR_VO.YOUR_VO_ATTRIBUTE.inputValue}" />
<af:table value="#{bindings.YOUR_VO.collectionModel}" var="row">
<af:column sortProperty="#{}"
<af:outputText value="#{row.YOUR_VO_ATTRIBUTE}" id="ot1"/>
//Using below function you can easily get any of those value in your ADF Bean as follow :
//Note: replace String by the correct type
String inputTextValue= (String)resolveExpression("#{bindings.YOUR_VO.YOUR_VO_ATTRIBUTE.inputValue}");
String currentRowValue= (String)resolveExpression("#{row.YOUR_VO_ATTRIBUTE}");
* Method for taking a reference to a JSF binding expression and returning
* the matching object (or creating it).
* @param expression EL expression
* @return Managed object
* @author : Duncan Mills, Steve Muench and Ric Smith's JSFUtils class
public static Object resolveExpression(String expression) {
FacesContext facesContext = getFacesContext();
Application app = facesContext.getApplication();
ExpressionFactory elFactory = app.getExpressionFactory();
ELContext elContext = facesContext.getELContext();
ValueExpression valueExp = elFactory.createValueExpression(elContext, expression, Object.class);
return valueExp.getValue(elContext);
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