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See full tutorial on how to show a placeholder or a tooltip(shortdesc) in an ADF column filter header here :
<!-- Below an example table on with a column header filter customized to display a place holder and tooltip -->
<af:table value="#{bindings.YourVO.collectionModel}" var="row" rows="#{bindings.YourVO.rangeSize}"
fetchSize="#{bindings.YourVO.rangeSize}" filterModel="#{bindings.YourVOCriteriaQuery.queryDescriptor}"
queryListener="#{bindings.YourVOCriteriaQuery.processQuery}" varStatus="vs"
selectionListener="#{bindings.YourVO.collectionModel.makeCurrent}" rowSelection="single" id="T1"
rowBandingInterval="0" columnBandingInterval="0">
<af:column sortProperty="#{}" filterable="true" sortable="true" id="Tc1"
<!-- Add the following filter facet to modify the header column filter inputText component -->
<f:facet name="filter">
<af:inputText value="#{vs.filterCriteria.YourVoAttribute}"
placeholder="YOUR PLACE HOLDER TEXT" shortDesc="YOUR SHORTDESC TEXT" id="id4">
<af:outputText value="#{row.YourVoAttribute}" id="ot1"/>
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