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Last active Jun 2, 2021
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Exercise 8.2 Timestamped logs
function createConsoleProxy(console) {
return new Proxy(console, {
get: (target, property) => {
const proxyFunctionNames = ["log", "error", "debug", "info"];
if (proxyFunctionNames.includes(property)) {
return function (...argumentList) {
const isoDate = new Date().toISOString();
// Every argument after argumentList[0] will be used as substitution values
const newMessage = `${isoDate}: ${argumentList[0]}`;
return target[property](newMessage, ...argumentList.slice(1));
return target[property];
// To test property access
console.logMessage = "I´m a log message. %s";
console.infoMessage = "I´m a info message. %s";
console.debugMessage = "I´m a debug message. %s";
console.errorMessage = "I´m a error message. %s";
// Create that ....
const consoleProxy = createConsoleProxy(console);
// Test this stuff
consoleProxy.log(consoleProxy.logMessage, "Test"), "Test")
consoleProxy.debug(consoleProxy.debugMessage, "Test")
consoleProxy.error(consoleProxy.errorMessage, "Test")
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