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{ canWipeAfterLock: true,
remoteWipe: null,
locFoundEnabled: false,
{ timeStamp: 1441625524180,
locationType: null,
positionType: 'Wifi',
horizontalAccuracy: 65,
locationFinished: true,
isInaccurate: false,
longitude: -3.199771,
latitude: 55.948559,
isOld: false },
deviceModel: 'iphone6-3b3b3c-b4b5b9',
remoteLock: null,
activationLocked: true,
locationEnabled: true,
rawDeviceModel: 'iPhone7,2',
modelDisplayName: 'iPhone',
lostModeCapable: true,
deviceDisplayName: 'iPhone 6',
darkWake: false,
locationCapable: true,
batteryLevel: 0,
maxMsgChar: 160,
name: 'Chris\' iPhone',
{ CLT: false,
CWP: false,
WMG: true,
XRM: false,
CLK: false,
SND: true,
LST: true,
KEY: false,
WIP: true,
LOC: true,
LLC: false,
MSG: true,
LMG: false,
LCK: true,
REM: false,
SVP: false,
TEU: true,
LKL: false,
LKM: false,
PIN: false,
KPD: false },
deviceClass: 'iPhone',
wipeInProgress: false,
fmlyShare: false,
passcodeLength: 4,
mesg: null,
isMac: false,
snd: null,
isLocating: true,
deviceColor: '3b3b3c-b4b5b9',
trackingInfo: null,
lowPowerMode: false,
batteryStatus: 'Unknown',
deviceStatus: '203',
wipedTimestamp: null,
lockedTimestamp: null,
msg: null,
lostTimestamp: '',
lostModeEnabled: false,
thisDevice: false,
lostDevice: null,
prsId: null }
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