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Last active July 10, 2020 18:49
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import igl
import numpy as np
import polyscope as ps
import scipy
path = "/Users/cbabraham/data/mesh/spot/spot_triangulated.obj"
verts,faces = igl.read_triangle_mesh(path)
original = ps.register_surface_mesh("mesh", verts, faces)
L = igl.cotmatrix(verts, faces)
M = igl.massmatrix(verts, faces)
# eigendecomposition of the laplacian
eigenvals, eigenvecs = scipy.sparse.linalg.eigsh(L, 6, M)
for i, eigenvector in enumerate(eigenvecs.swapaxes(0,1)):
eigenvector.astype(np.float32), # discard complex components
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Not sure exactly what I was expecting but this doesn't seem right.
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 10 37 44 AM

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